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Color Club – Sultry (Diva?)

Posted by manicuremania on October 26, 2009

I wore this the other night for Halloween when I was Cleopatra, and I’ve decided it deserves a second chance after my last bad review of it. I do like this color! This is 3 coats, and I dunno, maybe I just wasn’t careful on the coverage last time? I seem to remember there being bare spots before.

cc sultry 4

cc sultry 5

I’m having trouble with the name of this polish, though – is it Sultry or Sultry Diva? The bottle says Sultry, but I keep finding it online as Sultry Diva. Annoying.

I have been slacking so much lately! I just haven’t had much time to even paint my nails, let alone do anything interesting or take pictures and post them! Blogging is extremely time consuming. And as a result of having no time to do anything with them, my nails need some serious love – I’m off to go take care of that now!


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Fairy Dust vs Golden Enchantment

Posted by manicuremania on October 3, 2009

So last night I was looking for something to put over top of my Barielle Never-So-Evergreen polish because I hadn’t had time to change it in a few days (gasp!), and I couldn’t decide between China Glaze Fairy Dust and China Glaze Golden Enchantment. And here they are! Ooooooooh, pretty!!

ch gold fairy 3

ch gold ench

ch fairy dust

It occurred to me that they’re so similar, it might not even make a difference which I choose. I mean, in the bottle, they’re obviously completely different, but they’re also both holo glitter in a clear base – how different can they really be on the nail?

This is one coat of each:

ch gold fairy 4

The glitter in Fairy Dust is somehow much more dense than the glitter in Golden Enchantment. And, really, not much different at all. So I kept on adding coats:

ch gold fairy

ch gold fairy 2This is four coats, and now the difference is very apparent, but (for me) probably not apparent enough to own both polishes.

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Barielle – Falling Star

Posted by manicuremania on September 23, 2009

bar falling star

This one is so thiiick! Some of the other Barielles were thick, yeah, but this one…was ridiculously, unuseably thick! I don’t like thinning new polishes just on principle, but I finally added some thinner to this in order to do my third coat, and then it worked fine.

No glitter in the swatch! Shame on Barielle, the glitter is the best part!

bar falling star swatch

The glitter in this is really large, and it’s hard to get it even – I see now that I have some patches with no glitter at all. I also sort of wonder about putting glitter like this in such an opaque polish – I don’t believe that the glitter from the first two coats is visible at all, so it’s…just an odd polish.

The blue and copper is awesome together, though – such an unexpected combination! This is the Barielle that I was looking forward to the most.

bar falling star 2

bar falling star 3

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Pure Ice – Gold Mist & Iced Copper

Posted by manicuremania on September 16, 2009

pi twoThese are two colors that I don’t really see myself ever enjoying or wearing, so I figured I’d get them out of the way in one post. Like most Pure Ice colors, they’ve got beautiful shimmer. Buuuuut, the colors are just kind of blah.

I should really get rid of the polishes I don’t like…

I did three coats, just for the heack of it. I could have stopped at two on Iced Copper.

pi two 2

pi two 3

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Color Club – Sultry Diva

Posted by manicuremania on September 6, 2009



This polish doesn’t really do much for me – I don’t think that golds really look all that good with my skin.



sunlight, no flash

sunlight, no flash

closup for detail!

closeup for detailed glittery goodness!

It looked ok to me in person, but from this picture I think I could have used a fourth coat. Fourth!!!!

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