Manicure Mania!

Color Club – Sultry (Diva?)

Posted by manicuremania on October 26, 2009

I wore this the other night for Halloween when I was Cleopatra, and I’ve decided it deserves a second chance after my last bad review of it. I do like this color! This is 3 coats, and I dunno, maybe I just wasn’t careful on the coverage last time? I seem to remember there being bare spots before.

cc sultry 4

cc sultry 5

I’m having trouble with the name of this polish, though – is it Sultry or Sultry Diva? The bottle says Sultry, but I keep finding it online as Sultry Diva. Annoying.

I have been slacking so much lately! I just haven’t had much time to even paint my nails, let alone do anything interesting or take pictures and post them! Blogging is extremely time consuming. And as a result of having no time to do anything with them, my nails need some serious love – I’m off to go take care of that now!


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