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Big Exciting Move!

Posted by manicuremania on December 13, 2009

Well, exciting to me, anyway.

I’m moving my blog off of and over to my own domain –

I am looking forward to having more control over my content using self-hosted WordPress, but the real reason for the move is that honestly…how long is this nailpolish mania going to last? Sure, right now I’m all about the nailpolish, but a couple of months ago I was making jewelry, and before that I was making mosaics, and before that…knitting, maybe? I don’t even remember.

Anyway, I figure that on the new domain, I’ll be able to post about all that stuff and not feel guilty because it’s a nail blog and doesn’t belong there.

There’s a new feed for the new site, and I think that current subscribers will need to resubscribe over there. I think. I still don’t entirely understand Feedburner, to be honest, but I HAVE a new feed over there, at least. So please click over to the new site and re-subscribe if you’d like to continue receiving updates!

I’m not entirely done tweaking things over there, appearance-wise, but I spent so much time struggling with WordPress to move my posts over last night that once I finally got it fixed I decided it is TIME TO MOVE so I never have to do that again.


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Randomness pt 2

Posted by manicuremania on November 25, 2009

So I found a theme! It is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Every other WP theme I’ve tried has been modifiable, but only through editing the PHP and CSS files. And I can do that…but I’m uncomfortable making large changes to someone else’s code, it would take forever unless I built it from scratch myself and knew where everything was and how it was specified…and yeah actually, that would still take forever!

But then I found Atahualpa. Crazy name, but OMIGOODNESS. There are options to edit the theme directly from the WP admin panel. Like, a LOT of options. In fact it’s so thorough that so far, I haven’t found anything that I want to change and can’t. I have not once had to edit a php or CSS file (and I don’t think I would anyway, I suspect making random changes under the hood could really screw this up). It is amazing and awesome. LOOK AT THIS!!!!!

OK, so in nail news, I went to Rite Aid today to pick up a few things. Since when did Rite Aid start selling Sinful Colors? I thought that was a Walgreen’s brand.

I guess I was in a sort of neutral  color mood, huh?

  • Wet n Wild Craze in Shield and Goldmine
  • Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud
  • Wet n Wild Flirt Gumdrop

And also I saw these and couldn’t resist because I can’t figure out how they could possibly work, or even really what they’re supposed to do. And fromt he small amount of testing I’ve done with them so far…my suspicion was right, they’re crap.

Oh, and I am so all over the Zoya Green Friday promotion this week. If Zoya continues to give me free stuff, I might go broke, though. 😀

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