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China Glaze – Blue Sparrow

Posted by manicuremania on September 15, 2009

cg blue sparrow

…Weird? Why does China Glaze insist that this is a neon? What’s more, why does it dry matte, as neons do, and yet it’s…not actually neon? I mean, it’s a fairly bright blue, but in no way would I call this neon.

cg blue sparrow 3

It’s got…large shimmer. Almost a glitter. But, the glitter doesn’t sparkle through the polish, it just sort of sits underneath, barely visible, and gives it a slight bumpy texture. No topcoat here:

cg blue sparrow 1

cg blue sparrow 2

Well this was definitely meant to be worn with a topcoat. The glitter sparkles very nicely with a topcoat, but without it just sort of sits under the polish, with no sparkle at all.

cg blue sparrow compare


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yay for free polishes

Posted by manicuremania on August 6, 2009

[first of all, my shift key is broken. sorry, it’s annoying.]

how in the world can zoya give away nail polish? i suppose they make lots of sales from people throwing more polishes in with their free orders to save on shipping, but i still find it odd. three free bottles??? 18 dollars in free polish??? they seem to do stuff like this every couple of months also, from what i can tell. that is awesome.

i currently only have one zoya polish, and i’ve only had it for maybe two weeks. yet another blue – kotori!

at no additional charge: 3 days of tipwear!

at no additional charge: 3 days of tipwear!

this is after a couple of days of wear. i love it – it’s not too dark for me, and it’s got some crazy shimmer going on!! and mattified with my new essie matte about you topcoat:

my cuticles terrify me

my cuticles horrify me

it’s not so great as a matte somehow. i like sparkly mattes generally, but this one just…it doesn’t make me happy in matte.

anyway, the colors i got from the free promotion thingy:

harley – pretty shimmery light grey. grey is extremely underrepresented in my collection and i intend to fix that.

jo – appears to be the prettiest muted blue shimmer ever. i can just never resist a blue polish! blue is my favorite color so i tend to buy up every blue i see and i sort of don’t actually wear blue polish. light blues sometimes make me think of corpses.

ali – i am not into neons. i am also not into pinks, but i think this would be kinda wacky and fun for a one-day color, and i think it would be awesome on my toenails. i tend to save the really bright or flashy or dark colors for my toes since my theory is that my toes being so far away from people’s faces mutes the color, whereas on my nails it would be totally in your face and i’d feel silly. i am trying to work on not thinking that my nails bother people. 🙂

malia – lavender creme. there was a time years ago when i despised every shade of purple. my reasoning was that everything purple is kinda sucky and artificial-grape flavored. grape popsicles, lollipops, jello, etc – gross. i’ve since gotten over my hatred of all things purple, but i’ve ended up with like 3 purple polishes, so i need to fix that also.

i also threw some remove+ in with my order. now the excruciating wait for the package to arrive!

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