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Orly – Glam Rock

Posted by manicuremania on December 7, 2009

This is the perfect matte, seriously.

I have really been looking forward to the Orly Metallic Matte collection, it seems like a great concept. And Glam Rock is kind of awesome, just as I hoped. I love shimmery mattes! I think it applied better than any other matte I’ve ever tried – normally they dry so fast and clump up and I end up with polish an inch thick to get it even! Not so with Glam Rock, though, and I called it even coverage after 2 coats.

Normally I can admire mattes for only a few minutes before I start itching to add glossy topcoat – but I really actually like this better in matte form. It retained a ton of its shimmer even when matte.

Here it is glossy:


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Today’s Plunder, Part One

Posted by manicuremania on December 5, 2009

From Ross:

Nothing much interesting at Ross last night, but I did pick up this Elf Jewel Tones set.

  • Dark Navy
  • Royal Purple
  • an irritatingly unnamed polish: Well it looks stupid anyway, grrrr! Maybe the sticker fell off.

From Sallys:

  • Fingerpaints Decked WIth Dazzle
  • Orly Iron Butterfly
  • Orly Solid Gold
  • Orly Glam Rock

I was going to only get Decked With Dazzle, but when I plopped my stuff down on the counter to check out, I noticed the display of the new Orly matte metals next to the register, and my hand just swooped out and grabbed them all at once! I hadn’t realized this collection was out yet, it looks verrrrrry interesting to me.


  • Irene
  • Veruschka: gorgeous, I can’t wait to try this one
  • Kate: Pretty!
  • Suvi
  • Sunny: odd color…sort of a shimmery orangy pink
  • Midori: My only Green Friday dupe

Zoyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa! This is my Green Friday order. I was sooo wiped out from all the other online shopping I’d been doing for the past couple of days that I pretty much just picked three random polishes to get my free greens. The other two greens are backordered.

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Orly – Pixie Dust

Posted by manicuremania on November 14, 2009

Orl pixiePixie Dust is a polish I’ve been wanting for a super long time. And, OH YEAH! It did not disappoint! It’s beautifully shimmery, and I’ve got a weakness for greys. Oh, did I mention the shimmer?

Orl pixie 2I don’t understand why the stupid  Sally’s stores near me wouldn’t carry this polish. Of course, after I bought it I found it at Ulta. Sigh.

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Posted by manicuremania on November 6, 2009

Haul posts are pretty boring I know, but I enjoy them anyway. When I get a bright shiny new pile of polish I can’t very well wear them all at once, but I have to do SOMETHING with them!! So I take pictures and post them on the internet. 😀


Orly Pixie Dust – I’ve been wanting this forrrrrrever! My Sally’s never had it.

China Glaze Emerald Dream – I was desperate to not miss this one, it’s limited edition, right?

China Glaze 2Nite – I adore holos!

Orly Smudge Fixer – I intend to try it for some gradients soon.

The charm on the Orly is pretty cute I guess:


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Orly – Blue Suede

Posted by manicuremania on October 27, 2009

Oh wow. Wow.

orl blue suede


I hate this polish so much. The general opinion on this Orly collection (and Blue Suede in particular) seems to be pretty bad, but I just thought the pictures I’ve seen were so pretty anyway that I had to have it, and it’s been on my wishlist for a while now. It looked like such a pretty, dusty blue, and it is I guess. But…this finish is AWFUL. It’s like I painted my nails with acrylic paint or something.

Big smudge on my ring finger cause I splashed my polish remover and didn’t care enough about this manicure to fix it.

orl blue suede 2

orl blue suede 3

Even Seche can’t save it, it darkens it up several shades and now it’s very close to one of those “might as well be black” polishes that I despise.

orl blue suede 4

orl blue suede 5

After a day of wear I tried to fix it up a bit by adding a coat of Sinful Colors Hottie. It’s much better now. Lucky, because I have no time for a real manicure right now!

It was very gritty, I had to use two coats of Seche on top of Hottie, which will effectively glue the glitter to my nails for the rest of my life.

orl blue suede 10

orl blue suede 6

orl blue suede 7

orl blue suede 8

orl blue suede 9I like how Hottie contains more than one size/color of glitter, because that creates much more depth than throwing a normal glitter topcoat on top of polish. It looks like it’s sitting on top of the polish, whereas a glitter topcoat like Hottie is much more interesting. However. There’s not a ton of tonal color to it, is there? I thought this would be a good topcoat for blue polish since it looks so blue in the bottle, much like Call You Later is for greens, but it’s just not really all that blue. Drag! Still pretty though.

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Small Haul

Posted by manicuremania on October 18, 2009

I picked up some polishes this weekend!

From Sally’s:

  • sallysChina Glaze Flying Dragon
  • China Glaze Strawberry Fields
  • Orly Blue Suede
  • Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone
  • Nina Ultra Pro In A Tiff

Still didn’t manage to hit the $25 mark for the 15% off coupon next month, but I’m kinda OK with that because I think that except for basics like files and Orly basecoat, I’m kinda done with Sally’s. I mean, the selection of polishes is so very limited, and I’ve pretty much gotten the ones I really want…I think I’ll have to get the rest of the China Glazes that I’ve been wanting online. Plus, my Sally’s never seems to have the new collections that I keep hearing about other people getting in there. Like, I STILL haven’t seen Orly Pixie Dust. Also, WTF is up with the China Glaze Matte Magic? I went in there prepared to buy it but…it’s $6 for a MINI?????????? I can stick with Matte About You, thank you!

From Walmart:

  • walmartPure Ice Kiss Me Here (I adore gray polishes)
  • Pure Ice Cheatin (damn damn damn, this is a dupe)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In The Navy
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple

From the Halloween Store:

  • halloweenFantasy Makers Black Magic (had planned to pass on this one, but I weakened)

I also got something else fabulous in the Halloween store, plus I recieved my awesome package from Sasse, coming in future posts!

I’ve got lots of plans for posts coming up, I just hope to be able to find the time to actually do them soon! My nails have been neglected lately. I’m also totally behind on organizing, I’ve got polishes everywhere, tried polishes mixed up with new ones, and none of the new ones have been catalogued. 😦

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French Week – Orly French Kit FAIL

Posted by manicuremania on August 29, 2009

french week
OK, to kick off French Week, I have my new Orly French Kit. The selection of Orly polishes for frenches at Sally’s was pretty impressive to me. There were many many different shades of white and lots of sheers – I literally could not choose, so I went the safe route with a kit.

Anyway, the Orly French kit. I got the kit in rose, and I believe there are also pink and peach versions. The box contains four polishes –  Rose Tone (sheer pink), White Tips, Bonder Rubberized Basecoat, In A Snap Quick Dry Topcoat, and some tip guide stickers. I followed the instructions in the box (though it’s not how I really prefer to do it) and used all four steps just to see how the kit worked for me. I applied the basecoat over my usual two coats of Orly Nail Armor, of course. The basecoat dried rather too quickly for me, which seems to be a common complaint of mine, so maybe the problem is actually me, I dunno. Next the instructions called for me to paint on the tips, which I don’t especially like doing first. I can never get an even application of the sheer over the white, so it doesn’t do its intended job of muting the white tips – instead it just makes the tips look streaky. So normally I like to do the tips last. I freehanded them again, and I did a much better job this time. I didn’t use the guides because I don’t enjoy the shelf of polish that it creates.

The coverage of the white was great! I would call that an improvement from my normal Sally Hanson whites for frenches – I didn’t have to use three coats for opacity!!!

Next, the sheer pink, one coat. Didn’t deposit much (or any?) color on my bare nails, but a lot on the tips, as usual. Sigh.

Then I added a step – I painted a thin line of silver glitter polish at the tip line.

Topcoat – was odd to use because it’s not as thick as my beloved Seche, but it did dry quickly. I was still getting dents about half an hour later though, so perhaps there’s a reason that I’ve never really heard/read anything about this Orly topcoat.

artificial light

artificial light - very very wonky colors here

So. The pink streaks at the tips didn’t look too bad when I was sitting by my computer in the dim light in here. But then I walked to another room and the tips were stark white with hot pink streaks, it was completely noticable and defined and I couldn’t deal with it. So I decided to just roll with the pink color…I  added a second coat of the sheer pink, another coat of silver glitter cause the pink dulled the glitter, and a coat of Seche.

And now it’s terribly pink, and horrible. I was trying to hide my nails all day long! The nail beds were actually darker than the tips, and it just looked weird and bad. Aside from that, I think it would’ve been better with white or clear glitter – something that adds a little sparkle and interest, but doesn’t actually create a darker line. One person told me today that the line of silver looked like dirt under my nails!



So the french kit was a big fat FAIL. Actually, I suppose the only thing that failed was the Sheer Rose polish, but that really screwed up the entire thing. I liked the White Tips polish a lot, though, and I will probably buy a full sized bottle of it eventually.

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this is a sickness – multiple hauls

Posted by manicuremania on August 21, 2009

I seriously cannot stop myself from picking up a few polishes everywhere I go. Now lately, most of them have been drugstore polishes, so at least I’m not spending a zillion bucks on them, but still. This is stuff I’ve gotten in the last two weeks.

First, a trip to Walgreens:

L-R: Mercury Rising, Boogie Nights, Serena And Chloe, Pink Forever, Gorgeous, Cloud 9, Pearl Harbor, Bali Mist

L-R: Mercury Rising, Boogie Nights, Serena And Chloe, Pink Forever, Gorgeous, Cloud 9, Pearl Harbor, Bali Mist

These are my first Sinful Colors polishes, and they were on saaaaaaaaaale! Buy one, get one free! I have this horrible habit of buying things I don’t need just cause they’re bargains. I haven’t worn any of them yet but from the bottles I’m most excited about Boogie Nights, Pink Forever, and Cloud 9. I think Pearl Harbor might be my first glitter polish that isn’t tinted, so it should be great for layering.

Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Lightening, Green Glow, Cyber

Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Lightening, Green Glow, Cyber

Wet n’ Wild Bijou Blue – WnW polishes are so cheap that I just can’t justify not buying any of them that strike my fancy ever.
Wet n’ Wild Caribbean Frost
Sally Hansen Instra-Dri Lightening – my first yellow! But I can’t stand the spelling of the polish name
Milani Green Glow – greens are so hard to find, and my collection was severely lacking in greens. Also it’s a brand I’ve never tried before.
Sally Hansen HD Cyber – I’ve heard good things about the HD collection, and I needed a dark purple

Late night trip to Walmart (I was good this time):

NYC Charming Rose Crème & Pure Ice Excuse Me

NYC Charming Rose Crème & Pure Ice Excuse Me

I like Pure Ice polishes! This is my second-ever yellow, and it’s shimmery. A shimmery yellow? Hmmm. Not sure I’ll like that one. The N.Y.C. pink appears to be a shimmer also.

My “free” Zoyas have arrived:

L-R: Jo, Ali, Harley, Malia

L-R: Jo, Ali, Harley, Malia

I had such a good time picking out these polishes from the Zoya website! I simply couldn’t pick just 3, though. The site is so well designed for easy browsing and filtering for that certain perfect color, they have good descriptions of each polish, and suuuuuuuch a huge selection! Anyway, I am extreeeeeemely happy with what I got – these polishes are gorgeous. Ali looks radioactive in the picture, and Jo and Harley are shimmers!

Rite-Aid, I think?:

Wild Orchid, Emerald City, Gunmetal

Wild Orchid, Emerald City, Gunmetal

Wet n’ Wild Wild Orchid – purple base and holo glitter? Doesn’t look especially sheer, which is odd for a glitter but I’m cool with it!
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Emerald City – THESE WERE ALSO ON SALE.  darkish shimmery green, ohhhhhh yeah
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Gunmetal – my collection was lacking in greys, and this one is dark, blueish, shimmery – I love it.

I recently had a ton of time to kill in Sally’s:

Naked, Ravishing, Dahling, Fifth Avenue

Naked, Ravishing, Dahling, Fifth Avenue

China Glaze Naked – light, bright pink. The name makes no sense, but I like the color a lot.
China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling – I wanted a vampy red, and got a pleasant surprise when I wore this for the first time…IT’S A JELLY! The only one I own, I think – it can be so hard to identify a true jelly.
China Glaze Fifth Avenue – my eye is immediately drawn to this one every single time I walk by a China Glaze display. This color is so “me,” it looks like a dirty mid-pink.

contents of the box

contents of the box

sheer pink, white, basecoat, topcoat

sheer pink, white, basecoat, topcoat

Orly French Manicure Kit in Rose – I’m excited about this one! I love french nails!

Also at Sally’s that day I saw part of the Orly Once Upon A Time collection, which I didn’t think was out yet…but they didn’t have all of them! I’d have gotten the green and the gray (OMG I need Pixie Dust) in a heartbeat, with no thought (which I never do), but those were the ones that were missing. 😦 I didn’t even see a place for them in the display – are they releasing that collection in parts?

I don’t actually intend to have thousands of polishes, and I don’t see much need (for me) to have like 70 pinks – they’re not going to be different enough to justify that, IMO. I think there’s a point where I just have to say “You know, I’m happy with my selection of 3 black polishes – I have a glitter, a sheer, and an opaque…I’m good now!” But I’ve been trying to fill in gaps in my color collection lately – I didn’t have a single yellow, I was low on greens and purples, no dark vampy reds, etc. I’m by no means DONE…but for now, yeah, I’m done.

I am declaring a strict no-buy policy. I have bought so much polish lately, and I only have one set of fingers! Even if I change my polish every day, it would take like two months to go through all the new polishes I’ve gotten in the LAST two months, and that neglects all of my old polishes! So my resolution is to get through these before buying any more polish at ALL. We’ll see if I can manage to stick with that though. 😀

* Except I am snapping up Orly Pixie Dust whenever I see it. I’m new to polish collection buying and I don’t know if it’s a permanent collection, and no WAY am I letting this one become an Essie Starry Starry Night or a China Glaze Dorothy Who? for me

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Orly Nail Rescue – Update #2

Posted by manicuremania on August 15, 2009

I was so relieved when the Orly Nail Rescue finally came off of my nails as I removed Color Club Sexy Siren. I’m not sure if it was the soaking in acetone to remove the glitter polish, or if it’s just the light filing I give my bare nails every time I reapply polish, but I’m extremely glad it didn’t damage my nails.

So I reapplied it, may not have done such a great job cause I was in a hotel room and the light wasn’t good and I was paranoid about making a mess, plus the smell was making me dizzy (hotel rooms have awful ventilation). But I’ve noticed that it’s already sort of chipping off this time. The last application didn’t budge at all. No chips, cracks, anything like that, and that could be because I did two applications of it for more strength. It probably lasted longer because of that also.

Love this stuff though! I wish I wcould find something that would make them this strong, a treatment or basecoat, or hell, vitamins, that would do the same thing. I should do some research about how to treat the root of the problem I suppose, so that they’re stronger and I don’t HAVE to treat them for peeling and softness.

Also, I broke a nail, and this seemed to have fixed it up beautifully. Well, maybe not beautifully cause it does make my nails pretty yucky looking until I apply polish, but it worked great!

Bare nail pics:



very scary!

very scary!

I suppose those aren’t *completely* bare nails. Right at the nail line, I still had a very thin layer of Nail Rescue, and I didn’t want to put a ton of filing pressure on my nails right there to get it totally off.

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Orly Nail Rescue – Update

Posted by manicuremania on August 9, 2009

I couldn’t deal with the bubbly tips and weird wedge-like flareouts at the ends, so today I removed my polish and smoothed my nails out a lot more. I didn’t try crazy hard to get the all of the stuff off of my nails, but I did soak one in acetone for a bit and it didn’t seem to be coming off. I suppose I can give it a few days of normal polish removing and see if they get noticeably thinner. They look muuuuuuch better now than they did yesterday, but I’m still freaked out about it. Did I basically just give myself bad acrylics??? I planned on doing only the tips to protect the nails while the terrible peeling grows out, but the instructions seemed to want me to do the entire nail, so I figured, “Hey, why not.”


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