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Rose Polish

Posted by manicuremania on October 18, 2009

I found this sitting on a random shelf in Spirit Of Halloween, one of those Halloween costume stores that takes over vacant buildings during the season. It was the only one I saw and I snapped it up!

nn rose 4

From the tag on the stem, I suspect that there are maybe more colors available, but I was in two different Spirit Of Halloween stores yesterday and I couldn’t find any others there or online at

Editing my post to say that I did some more searching around online and these seem to be part of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers collection, and they seem to beĀ  available at Walgreen’s also. I’ve only heard of two colors – Red Rose and Black Rose. Weird how they’re not labeled on the bottle and how I couldn’t find evidence of any other than the one I bought in the Halloween store!!

nn rose 3

This is worth buying just for the pretty pretty bottle, but the color and polish itself are both very nice also. It’s a bright, true red with lots of gold shimmer.

nn rose

nn rose 2

While I was applying this, I thought that it would be pretty close to Ruby Pumps, but once I compared the two (below), they are completely, totally different. I also realized that my camera doesn’t like taking pictures of reds.

nn rose compareRose on top, Ruby Pumps on the bottom!

And, here are some more pictures of the gorgeous bottle!! I love this!

nn rose 5

nn rose 6

nn rose 7

nn rose 8

nn rose 9


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