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Nina Ultra Pro – Leaf Me Alone

Posted by manicuremania on November 18, 2009

nin leaf me

I LOVE this color. LOVE. It is the prettiest green ever, and I am so happy with it!! I even liked it well enough to apply the four coats that were required for opacity, and it didn’t even bug me!

nin leaf me 2


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Milani – Green Glow

Posted by manicuremania on November 16, 2009

mil green glow

This is a neat color, but soooooo sheer. It’s also a completely different color in the bottle than on the nail. I think I like it, though.

mil green glow 2

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China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle

Posted by manicuremania on November 7, 2009

cg em dream 2

I like this polish. I just don’t love it like I was expecting to. I was picturing this as a green version of the fantastically awesome Ruby Pumps. And again…it is, but…somehow it’s not as amazing. Part of my problem may be that I used 3 coats, which I think darkened it up more than I’d have preferred. Next time I’ll try two, more careful coats.

cg em dream

Oh, AND ANOTHER THING: All of the Wizard of Ooh-Ahhs polishes were basically just like this in different colors, right? That’s my understanding since Ruby Pumps was the lone survivor of the old collection. Well, I always wondered why in the world this wasn’t included and called Emerald City. Everytime I type Emerald Sparkle, it feels wrong.

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Cover Girl – Go Go Green

Posted by manicuremania on October 30, 2009

covg gogogreenGo Go Green is a Nailslicks polish that I got loooooong ago – look, there’s no writing left on the label! It has separated or something¬† though – it was very difficult to work with. Very verrrry thin. Odd – I can fix thickened old polishes, but what’s up with thinned ones? I’ve noticed the same thing with a couple of other Nailslicks I have, though. Three coats and I still never achieved anything near the opacity I wanted.

covg gogogreen 2

covg gogogreen 3

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Two Chartreuses (Chartreusi?)

Posted by manicuremania on October 29, 2009

Here are two very similar polishes that my eye always passes over whenever I’m scanning my collection for a polish I feel like using, because – well, they’re kind of ugly. They’re just so bright and not really me. They’re both very old also – notice the slightly different bottle on the Pure Ice one!

Wild Thing is a yellowy chartreuse that took four streaky, draggy coats. Yuck.

pi wild

pi wild 2

pi wild 3Twist And Shout is much greener than Wild Thing, and I like the color much better. Still four coats, and still streaky and draggy, but it applied better than Wild Thing.

nailf twist

nailf twist 2

nailf twist 3

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Green Konad

Posted by manicuremania on October 11, 2009

I really like this Konad I did today! I often have trouble finding colors that work together for Konading, but I think these work really well – I like monotone Konads the best, I think. This is Diamond Cosmetics Oh, Tiff! and Barielle Sweet Addiction, with plate 63. With the two colors right next to each other, the final result turned out much more green than Oh, Tiff! normally is.

oh tiff konad 2

oh tiff konad 3

oh tiff konad

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Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow x2

Posted by manicuremania on October 9, 2009

I would like to introduce you to Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow:

sh mellow 39

Looks like a pretty, shimmery green, no? Probably a bit sheer, but still an interesting color, and you know how I feel about the Xtreme Wear polishes from Sally Hansen! I’ve had Mellow Yellow for…years, I guess? I don’t remember buying it. And really I’m not sure why I ever bought it because I can tell just by looking at the bottle that it will be depressingly sheer.

…And it is, like so:

sh mellow 39 2

sh mellow 39 3FIVE coats? That is just too many, especially for a polish that gives you this payout for all that work. I don’t like this at all, it looks dingy and dirty. The light green from the bottle becomes a yellowy color with a faint duochrome on the nail. Gross!

But wait! What’s this?

sh mellow 27

Well that’s a pretty yellow, what’s it call—


sh mellow

Mellow Yellow 27 is Mellow Yellow 39’s prettier, more modern, sloppier friend. This is much closer to the pale pastel yellow I’ve been searching for, but still not there yet. However, it doesn’t burn my eyes or make me think of school buses, so I like it. Streaky and hard to apply though, as is to be expected from a yellow.

sh mellow 27 2

sh mellow 27 3

The name thing really does bug me though, how unimaginative is that??? They could have called the green one…Honeydew! Or, heck…Sprite!

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Diamond Cosmetics – Never-So-Evergreen

Posted by manicuremania on October 1, 2009

dia never

Never-So-Evergreen (dumb name, silly superfluous dashes) is a dusty, muted dark green with tons of gold shimmer, which lightens it up quite a bit but which isn’t really all that noticeable unless you’re me and you spend your days with my nails 6 inches from your face. I don’t really like it – it sort of bores me.

website swatch

website swatch

dia never 2

dia never 3

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Sinful Colors green nails – now matte!

Posted by manicuremania on September 28, 2009

Still struggling mightily with my new lightbox. Sigh.

I think the combination of Sinful Colors Show Me The Way and Call You Later is possibly my favorite…ever. I have so many polishes that I’ve never tried that I usually can’t bear to wear a polish for more than a day, but this…oh this is staying on for another day. I did add a coat of Matte About You, though, and…omg, it’s still gorgeous!! The glitter is so dense, and again – the different colors and sizes of glitter just create so much interest!

Tomorrow will also be my first full test of this matte topcoat – I’ve never actually worn it for a full day before, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up.

sc show me matte 2

sc show me matte 3

sc show me matte

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Sinful Colors – Show Me The Way & Call You Later

Posted by manicuremania on September 27, 2009

I’ve been looking everywhere lately for the Halloween Fantasy Makers glitter, and I finally found it last night at a Walgreen’s! Of course I couldn’t stop at that so I casually strolled by the Sinful Colors display, and I could not believe the selection! The Sinful Colors display at the Walgreen’s I normally go to only ever has like 8 colors on it, no fair!

Anyway, on to today’s NOTD using two of the Sinful Colors polishes that I got last night:

sc show me

Show Me The Way is an awesome bright olive color. It’s got a lot of very subtle shimmer – I really love this polish!

sc show me 2

Call You Later was, like, MADE for layering with Show Me The Way (seriously, was it made for it?).sc call you

Call You Later is a clear base with glitter in three colors (gold and two different greens) and three sizes. The different colors and sizes of glitter creates so much more depth when layering than when just slapping one type of boring glitter on.

sc call you 2

sc call you 3

These are the first pictures taken with the lightbox I made today, and I still don’t think I’ve got my light source right. I might just go back to my old enormous one. I was wanting to try one that diffused light instead of my old way of just pumping bright lamplight directly into the box, which creates reflections, but with the diffused box I can’t seem to get the light bright enough and my pictures are much darker.

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