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The Dollar Tree Pillage*

Posted by manicuremania on December 5, 2009

Is it crazy that when I get new polish I cannot wait to get home and post pictures of the bottles? I think yes.

So anyway. I’ve always haunted Dollar Tree stores to see if they have any good old polishes, but I’ve never found any, like ever. But, Collette inspired me with her enormous Dollar Tree haul the other day, so I got down to business today.

I hit 3 Dollar Trees before I ran out of steam, and the only one that really had anything was the first (really, really big) one. I might try a couple more stores that I know of, pretty soon, but they’re kinda small stores and I now figure that it must be the bigger stores with the nice polishes. I shall keep looking though, because I know there are more that I want – I only found two of the mattes, which is just not going to work for me.

OK, so this is what I got. With the exception of a couple of the striper poolishes, these all came from the first store I went to. The cashier seemed suspicious when I brought all these to be rung up. She asked what we were “up to,” and somehow didn’t believe me when I said I was a collector!

OK, so the stripey polishes – Art Deco by L.A. Colors – awesome!!!!! I only had a few before this. And now eleven more! I got every one they had:

  • yellow: my dad declared this one “ugly” but he approved of all the pinks
  • bright green
  • green glitter
  • blue glitter
  • intense pink
  • bright orange
  • red glitter
  • silver glitter
  • baby pink
  • black
  • magenta

I managed to only get one dupe! OK but oddly…I have already broken two of these since I’ve been home with them tonight – one just by knocking it onto its side on my desk – the bottles just snapped apart at the necks! Weird?

And now the polishes!!! Every one is by Maybelline, and here they are again, unboxed, because I’m excited about them!

First, let’s talk about their existence at the Dollar Tree. OK, these all (except for Red Comet) seem to be normal, non-boxed polishes that were repackaged in generic Maybelline wrapping specifically for the Dollar Tree.

And…I think they are OLD, right? I keep a fairly close eye on nailpolish displays, and I don’t really remember any of these in the past few years. Plus some of them have price tags on them from other stores:

How long has it been since A) Maybelline nailpolish was under $3…or heck, under $4! and B) since stores used sticky price tags instead of scanners???? I found a reference on one blog saying that the matte collection is from the late ’90s, and I feel like that’s gotta be about right for a lot of these. Cool!!!!!!

OK, and now on to the polishes themselves. There were tons more than the ones I got, but no interesting colors besides these – just a ton of pinks, mauves, and reds. I…pretty much got every interesting color I could get my sweaty little hands on. And I’m pretty sure I squealed a lot. And there was jumping.

The mattes:

I so need to find the rest of the matte collection! I love that the trend of giving matte polishes matte bottles has kept up in the present day – it’s so cute!

  • Matte Red
  • Matte Gold

The aluminums:

Now, these look verrrrrry interesting. They seem to be very opaque with lots of tiny silver shimmer. Again, I’ll be on the lookout for the rest of these. The ones I found are mostly different shades of purple.

**edit** ok, I was going through and shaking all the bottles and adding thinner where needed, and I discovered that the aluminums aren’t glittery after all – once they’re all shaken up, they’re more of a metallic shimmer. The glitter seems to have…clumped up with age? They’re not quite as cool anymore!!!

  • Violet Aluminum
  • Plum Aluminum
  • Lime Aluminum
  • Purple Aluminum
  • Bronze Aluminum

The glitters!:

  • Shooting Stars: silver glitter and blue bar glitter – AWESOME
  • Red Comet: OMG this one is so bright and gorgeous! Notice the unusual label on it…
  • Bronze Beam: surprisingly pretty for a brown, lots of glitter
  • Night Affair: I feel like a polish with this name should be blue, not red
  • Purple Comet
  • Twinkle Twinkle: I have heard that this is somewhat close to Essie Starry Starry Night, which I will toooootally never own, so yay!!! I’m excited about this one, it’s so pretty!

The random colors:

  • City Slick: I adore all gray polishes.
  • Indigo Chic: looks like Twinkle Tinkle without the glitter
  • Blue Chill
  • Mod Mauve: boring, but this kind of mauve is right up my alley
  • Ruby Desire
  • Khaki Fringe: very unusual color!
  • Purple Rage

More randoms:

  • Santa Fe
  • Fuchsia Comet: pretty pink glitter!
  • Orange Water: this will be horrible, but it’s cool! Nice concept but probably not the best idea really.
  • Taupe Tulle: this came in a two pack with Fuchsia Comet, which I really wanted

Overall, I’m very very, verrrrrry pleased with all of these! Now I just have to figure out where the heck to PUT them!

Now I need to go get out my polish thinner and limber up my fingers to add all of these to my polish spreadsheet. Oh god, and type out labels, and swatch them on my nail wheels, and FIND A PLACE TO PUT THEM

*Credit for the title goes to the boyfriend – he was nice enough to hold a basket and wait patiently while I looked through every single polish in the store, and he also pretty much managed to keep his appalled-ness in check. AND THEN he took me to a second Dollar Tree!


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Zoya is making me buy all of their polishes, a few at a time

Posted by manicuremania on November 14, 2009

They’re all the time doing these awesome sales/promotions/giveaways, and it’s really pretty unusual for a company to do that. So I always place an order at these times, and of course I always have to add additional things to my cart. I think this is my…third Zoya order in the last few months? That’s more than anywhere else I’ve ordered from in that time period.

Anyway, I almost missed the Hot Lips promotion this time (I don’t check twitter all that often). But since it was extended, I got in in time! Yay! I ordered Shimmer, Luck, and Visa, plus a couple of random polishes. I must say again, that I adore Zoya’s website and the swatches and descriptions of all of their colors.

Man, posts without any pictures are boring!

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another haul

Posted by manicuremania on November 12, 2009

OMG, this weekend I had such a good nailpolish shopping day! At Ross, I found this:

cc dance to the musique

It is way too big for my light box, but. Color Club! In a STORE!!!! I’ve never seen that before and I think I did a little happy dance right there in the aisle! I always hear about people finding stuff like this in these little discount stores, but I’ve never had the chance to experience it myself before, it is awesome!

Pretty, huh?

cc dance to the musique 2

The individual polishes don’t have labels on them, which is annoying. I wonder if that’s normal? Or if it’s a Ross thing somehow?

cc dance to the musique 4

But, I was able to overcome that problem:

cc dance to the musique 3

Pretend you don’t see the numbers at the bottom, that’s just part of my crazy organizational system. That’s for a future post!

I also found some other stuff which I may use for a giveaway or a gift at some point…I just couldn’t resist buying it! Color Club! IN A STORE!

OK, and then at Ulta I got Russian Navy Suede. I don’t have much interest in the normal version, or in the matte version, but I’ve been drooling over the suede collection for a while now.

russian navy

Also at Ulta, a few clearance Essies: two (Soiree Mauve and Big Bag Theory) that just seemed like pretty enough colors, and also Sag Harbor which I’ve actually been wanting. I have to say, the Essie bottles are kind of adorable.

essie haulYay, a good polish shopping day! It was very exciting!

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Off the wagon. :(

Posted by manicuremania on September 11, 2009

I broke my no-buy resolution. And oh…I broke it bad. I had been doing so well! I had been to Sally’s just that day, and I resisted the new China Glaze glitters. !!!!! I had been so proud of myself. But even though I sorta feel like I shouldn’t have done it…it is very difficult to feel bad about this (other than the fact that I have nowhere to put them!)

So the Barielle Labor Day sale. This was an amazing deal! Just too good to pass up. Every discount stacked!! That is practically unheard of! PLUS…the healthy Nails pack came free with orders over $85 (BEFORE THE DISCOUNTS).barielle order 2…I got 21 polishes.

I actually had my cart all worked out to spend about $35, and I was OK with that, kind of, but then I realized that I only had to add a few more to get past the $85 mark for the Healthy Nails Pack, and then a few more for the 20% off, and…so I added 10 more polishes.

I was sort of disappointed that Swizzle Stix and Grape Escape were out of stock, but I suppose I can’t complain.

Anyway, here we go!

bar haul 2Lemondrops – sun yellow creme
Expressive – violet
Get Mauve-ing – muted mauve
Devoted -a deep mauve
Glowtini – sheer sunset orange
Joytini – cantaloupe orange
Spicy – melon

bar haul 3Out-Grey-Geous – silver shimmer
U-Concrete-Me – concrete grey
Love – a metallic white
Amuse – metallic baby blue
Slate Of Affairs – worn denim
Falling Star – marine blue w/ gold glitter

bar haul 4Razz Berry – opalescent deep fuschia (this one was missing its label) 😦
Pin Up – tomato red shimmer
Suntini – creamy bright orange
Cotton Candy – blush shimmer
Sand-Al Chic – pink/peach sheer

bar haul 1

Sweet Addiction – creme green
Polished Princess – safari green w/ copper shimmer
Date Night – metallic green

bar healthy nailsAnd of course, the Healthy Nails Pack!

These look awesome! I think I got a nice selection of colors and filled some holes in my collection. First impressions, without actually really using any of them: the brushes are tiny. Most of them are shimmers, but they seem…watery. More jellyish, perhaps. I think some of them are going to be pretty sheer. We’ll see how they apply!

This is my first REAL online only polish buy, so I think that as I wear and photograph these, I’ll compare them to the swatch on the Barielle site.

And, as I was selecting my first color to use, I just had to try a few of my favorites out to see how they look:

bar test

Polished Princess, Slate of Affairs (!!!), Pin Up, Glowtini

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this is a sickness – multiple hauls

Posted by manicuremania on August 21, 2009

I seriously cannot stop myself from picking up a few polishes everywhere I go. Now lately, most of them have been drugstore polishes, so at least I’m not spending a zillion bucks on them, but still. This is stuff I’ve gotten in the last two weeks.

First, a trip to Walgreens:

L-R: Mercury Rising, Boogie Nights, Serena And Chloe, Pink Forever, Gorgeous, Cloud 9, Pearl Harbor, Bali Mist

L-R: Mercury Rising, Boogie Nights, Serena And Chloe, Pink Forever, Gorgeous, Cloud 9, Pearl Harbor, Bali Mist

These are my first Sinful Colors polishes, and they were on saaaaaaaaaale! Buy one, get one free! I have this horrible habit of buying things I don’t need just cause they’re bargains. I haven’t worn any of them yet but from the bottles I’m most excited about Boogie Nights, Pink Forever, and Cloud 9. I think Pearl Harbor might be my first glitter polish that isn’t tinted, so it should be great for layering.

Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Lightening, Green Glow, Cyber

Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Lightening, Green Glow, Cyber

Wet n’ Wild Bijou Blue – WnW polishes are so cheap that I just can’t justify not buying any of them that strike my fancy ever.
Wet n’ Wild Caribbean Frost
Sally Hansen Instra-Dri Lightening – my first yellow! But I can’t stand the spelling of the polish name
Milani Green Glow – greens are so hard to find, and my collection was severely lacking in greens. Also it’s a brand I’ve never tried before.
Sally Hansen HD Cyber – I’ve heard good things about the HD collection, and I needed a dark purple

Late night trip to Walmart (I was good this time):

NYC Charming Rose Crème & Pure Ice Excuse Me

NYC Charming Rose Crème & Pure Ice Excuse Me

I like Pure Ice polishes! This is my second-ever yellow, and it’s shimmery. A shimmery yellow? Hmmm. Not sure I’ll like that one. The N.Y.C. pink appears to be a shimmer also.

My “free” Zoyas have arrived:

L-R: Jo, Ali, Harley, Malia

L-R: Jo, Ali, Harley, Malia

I had such a good time picking out these polishes from the Zoya website! I simply couldn’t pick just 3, though. The site is so well designed for easy browsing and filtering for that certain perfect color, they have good descriptions of each polish, and suuuuuuuch a huge selection! Anyway, I am extreeeeeemely happy with what I got – these polishes are gorgeous. Ali looks radioactive in the picture, and Jo and Harley are shimmers!

Rite-Aid, I think?:

Wild Orchid, Emerald City, Gunmetal

Wild Orchid, Emerald City, Gunmetal

Wet n’ Wild Wild Orchid – purple base and holo glitter? Doesn’t look especially sheer, which is odd for a glitter but I’m cool with it!
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Emerald City – THESE WERE ALSO ON SALE.  darkish shimmery green, ohhhhhh yeah
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Gunmetal – my collection was lacking in greys, and this one is dark, blueish, shimmery – I love it.

I recently had a ton of time to kill in Sally’s:

Naked, Ravishing, Dahling, Fifth Avenue

Naked, Ravishing, Dahling, Fifth Avenue

China Glaze Naked – light, bright pink. The name makes no sense, but I like the color a lot.
China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling – I wanted a vampy red, and got a pleasant surprise when I wore this for the first time…IT’S A JELLY! The only one I own, I think – it can be so hard to identify a true jelly.
China Glaze Fifth Avenue – my eye is immediately drawn to this one every single time I walk by a China Glaze display. This color is so “me,” it looks like a dirty mid-pink.

contents of the box

contents of the box

sheer pink, white, basecoat, topcoat

sheer pink, white, basecoat, topcoat

Orly French Manicure Kit in Rose – I’m excited about this one! I love french nails!

Also at Sally’s that day I saw part of the Orly Once Upon A Time collection, which I didn’t think was out yet…but they didn’t have all of them! I’d have gotten the green and the gray (OMG I need Pixie Dust) in a heartbeat, with no thought (which I never do), but those were the ones that were missing. 😦 I didn’t even see a place for them in the display – are they releasing that collection in parts?

I don’t actually intend to have thousands of polishes, and I don’t see much need (for me) to have like 70 pinks – they’re not going to be different enough to justify that, IMO. I think there’s a point where I just have to say “You know, I’m happy with my selection of 3 black polishes – I have a glitter, a sheer, and an opaque…I’m good now!” But I’ve been trying to fill in gaps in my color collection lately – I didn’t have a single yellow, I was low on greens and purples, no dark vampy reds, etc. I’m by no means DONE…but for now, yeah, I’m done.

I am declaring a strict no-buy policy. I have bought so much polish lately, and I only have one set of fingers! Even if I change my polish every day, it would take like two months to go through all the new polishes I’ve gotten in the LAST two months, and that neglects all of my old polishes! So my resolution is to get through these before buying any more polish at ALL. We’ll see if I can manage to stick with that though. 😀

* Except I am snapping up Orly Pixie Dust whenever I see it. I’m new to polish collection buying and I don’t know if it’s a permanent collection, and no WAY am I letting this one become an Essie Starry Starry Night or a China Glaze Dorothy Who? for me

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yay for free polishes

Posted by manicuremania on August 6, 2009

[first of all, my shift key is broken. sorry, it’s annoying.]

how in the world can zoya give away nail polish? i suppose they make lots of sales from people throwing more polishes in with their free orders to save on shipping, but i still find it odd. three free bottles??? 18 dollars in free polish??? they seem to do stuff like this every couple of months also, from what i can tell. that is awesome.

i currently only have one zoya polish, and i’ve only had it for maybe two weeks. yet another blue – kotori!

at no additional charge: 3 days of tipwear!

at no additional charge: 3 days of tipwear!

this is after a couple of days of wear. i love it – it’s not too dark for me, and it’s got some crazy shimmer going on!! and mattified with my new essie matte about you topcoat:

my cuticles terrify me

my cuticles horrify me

it’s not so great as a matte somehow. i like sparkly mattes generally, but this one just…it doesn’t make me happy in matte.

anyway, the colors i got from the free promotion thingy:

harley – pretty shimmery light grey. grey is extremely underrepresented in my collection and i intend to fix that.

jo – appears to be the prettiest muted blue shimmer ever. i can just never resist a blue polish! blue is my favorite color so i tend to buy up every blue i see and i sort of don’t actually wear blue polish. light blues sometimes make me think of corpses.

ali – i am not into neons. i am also not into pinks, but i think this would be kinda wacky and fun for a one-day color, and i think it would be awesome on my toenails. i tend to save the really bright or flashy or dark colors for my toes since my theory is that my toes being so far away from people’s faces mutes the color, whereas on my nails it would be totally in your face and i’d feel silly. i am trying to work on not thinking that my nails bother people. 🙂

malia – lavender creme. there was a time years ago when i despised every shade of purple. my reasoning was that everything purple is kinda sucky and artificial-grape flavored. grape popsicles, lollipops, jello, etc – gross. i’ve since gotten over my hatred of all things purple, but i’ve ended up with like 3 purple polishes, so i need to fix that also.

i also threw some remove+ in with my order. now the excruciating wait for the package to arrive!

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