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Barielle – Suntini

Posted by manicuremania on November 22, 2009

bar suntini 2

Suntini was a random polish I picked out when I made my big Barielle order a while back, and I really didn’t expect to like it this much! It’s a seriously bright orangy red, and I really love it. Actually I’ve loved all the Barielle reds I got. Sadly, my camera is incapable of taking pictures of red polish.

Oh, and this particular polish wasn’t one of the crazy horribly thick Barielles, by the way.

bar suntini


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Barielle – Lemondrops

Posted by manicuremania on November 17, 2009

bar lemon

This really isn’t a polish that I like very much. It’s totally schoolbus-yellow.

bar lemon2

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Barielle – Razz-Berry

Posted by manicuremania on October 23, 2009

bar razz

Ew. This is a perfectly fine color I suppose, and I actually got a compliment on it today, but it’s just not me.

bar razz 2

bar razz 3

As in a lot of my pictures, you can see the fibers from my Orly Nail Armor nasecoat hanging off the ends of some of my nails. It’s annoying!

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Green Konad

Posted by manicuremania on October 11, 2009

I really like this Konad I did today! I often have trouble finding colors that work together for Konading, but I think these work really well – I like monotone Konads the best, I think. This is Diamond Cosmetics Oh, Tiff! and Barielle Sweet Addiction, with plate 63. With the two colors right next to each other, the final result turned out much more green than Oh, Tiff! normally is.

oh tiff konad 2

oh tiff konad 3

oh tiff konad

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Barielle Slate Of Affairs (matte)

Posted by manicuremania on October 11, 2009

I layered Slate of Affairs with China Glaze Fairy Dust (the BEST glitter topcoat EVER!!!!) and while that is pretty…it’s awesome matted with Essie Matte About You!

slate matte

slate matte 2

slate matte 3

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Marbled Nails

Posted by manicuremania on October 6, 2009

I am so excited to finally try marbling!

I used China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le for the base, and Barielle Expressive and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (#27) for the marbling.

marbling 1I like it! The purple color didn’t really show up at all though. I noticed while practicing a bit that some polishes (like the Barielles) seem to sort of instantly pretty much dissolve in the water, and others, like the Sally Hansens, stay formed into a little droplet on the surface of the water until I break it up and spread it out. Odd.

marbling no flash

marbling 2

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Barielle – Out-gray-geous

Posted by manicuremania on October 2, 2009

bar outgray

Out-gray-geous has some crazy shimmer (and superfluous dashes!). Buuuuut, I’m not really into metallics, and this is…almost a metallic. I’m not crazy about this one.

bar outgray 2

bar outgray 3

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Barielle – Falling Star

Posted by manicuremania on September 23, 2009

bar falling star

This one is so thiiick! Some of the other Barielles were thick, yeah, but this one…was ridiculously, unuseably thick! I don’t like thinning new polishes just on principle, but I finally added some thinner to this in order to do my third coat, and then it worked fine.

No glitter in the swatch! Shame on Barielle, the glitter is the best part!

bar falling star swatch

The glitter in this is really large, and it’s hard to get it even – I see now that I have some patches with no glitter at all. I also sort of wonder about putting glitter like this in such an opaque polish – I don’t believe that the glitter from the first two coats is visible at all, so it’s…just an odd polish.

The blue and copper is awesome together, though – such an unexpected combination! This is the Barielle that I was looking forward to the most.

bar falling star 2

bar falling star 3

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Barielle – Get Mauve-ing

Posted by manicuremania on September 22, 2009

bar get mauve-ing

First of all, this is in no way a mauve. Second of all, it is in no way a good color.

It’s a medium dirty reddish purple creme. If you don’t look too closely, it just looks brown. I don’t really like it very much.

I normally looooove mauves, I have a zillion mauve-y polishes, and every lipstick I’ve ever bought has probably had the word “mauve” in the name because I’m a makeup wuss and most mauves match my natural lipcolor perfectly so you can’t tell I’m wearing it! But I would NOT call this mauve at all. This is what I think of when I think mauve:


It’s completely possible that Cover Girl has misled me about what mauve actually is I guess. 🙂 And I know those colors are pretty close to my bottle picture above, but it’s just not the same color on the nail as it is in the bottle. It’s sort of a raisiny color on my nails.

I feel kinda weird bashing a polish that was created by another blogger, but this was extremely streaky. Not too unusual for a creme, really, but it was streaky to an unusual degree. Also, I think I’ve mentioned before that some of my Barielle’s are wonderfully thin and really easy to apply…and then there’s the ones like this. Thick, thick, thiiiiick. It’s probably personal preference, but in general I don’t enjoy thick polishes.

Not at all close:

Barielle website swatch

website swatch

bar get mauve-ing 2

bar get mauve-ing 3

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Barielle – Date Night

Posted by manicuremania on September 19, 2009

bar date night 1

I love love love love this polish! I cannot even love it as much as it deserves. Here’s the Barielle swatch:

bar date night 4Pretty close to the actual color there!

It’s not as dark as I thought it would be from swatches I’d viewed on other blogs – I was sort of expecting it to be one of those daaaaark, almost black polishes, and it is not that at ALL. It is a beautiful bright green in any light, and it shimmers beautifully. I can’t even describe the amount of shimmer in this polish!! Seriously, it’s difficult to pick just one polish as my favorite ever, but I think this might be it.

bar date night

bar date night 2

bar date night 3It’s also GORGEOUS matte-ified! Ahhhhhhh, so much shimmer…

bar date night 5This one’s mislabelled – of course I’m wearing my beloved Seche on the glossy hand.

bar date night 6

Next up – the Diamond Cosmetics mattes!

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