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A Blue Franken

Posted by manicuremania on November 15, 2009

I wore a new shirt the other day that’s such a beautiful shade of blue, I was inspired to make a matching franken!

I used Color Club Naughtycal Navy and a bunch of Wet n Wilds – red, white, and black, and a ton of clear, cause I was going for a jelly effect.

frank cobaltIt was quite pretty! But plain colors are just boring so I had to kick it up a notch. Enter CND Ice Blue Shimmer Effect!

frank cobalt 2Muuuuuuch improved, I actually wore this for two days. Well OK, I mostly wore it for two days because I had no time to change it, bust still, it was very pretty!


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Small Haul

Posted by manicuremania on October 18, 2009

I picked up some polishes this weekend!

From Sally’s:

  • sallysChina Glaze Flying Dragon
  • China Glaze Strawberry Fields
  • Orly Blue Suede
  • Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone
  • Nina Ultra Pro In A Tiff

Still didn’t manage to hit the $25 mark for the 15% off coupon next month, but I’m kinda OK with that because I think that except for basics like files and Orly basecoat, I’m kinda done with Sally’s. I mean, the selection of polishes is so very limited, and I’ve pretty much gotten the ones I really want…I think I’ll have to get the rest of the China Glazes that I’ve been wanting online. Plus, my Sally’s never seems to have the new collections that I keep hearing about other people getting in there. Like, I STILL haven’t seen Orly Pixie Dust. Also, WTF is up with the China Glaze Matte Magic? I went in there prepared to buy it but…it’s $6 for a MINI?????????? I can stick with Matte About You, thank you!

From Walmart:

  • walmartPure Ice Kiss Me Here (I adore gray polishes)
  • Pure Ice Cheatin (damn damn damn, this is a dupe)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In The Navy
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple

From the Halloween Store:

  • halloweenFantasy Makers Black Magic (had planned to pass on this one, but I weakened)

I also got something else fabulous in the Halloween store, plus I recieved my awesome package from Sasse, coming in future posts!

I’ve got lots of plans for posts coming up, I just hope to be able to find the time to actually do them soon! My nails have been neglected lately. I’m also totally behind on organizing, I’ve got polishes everywhere, tried polishes mixed up with new ones, and none of the new ones have been catalogued. ūüė¶

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Ombre Manicure

Posted by manicuremania on October 3, 2009

Today I finally have some time to do some nail art! First I did an ombre manicure – I’ve been wanting to try this for forever!

I love grey polish so I thought a grey ombre manicure would be awesome, and…I think it kinda is!! I think the gradation is a little more subtle than if I had used a bright color. Also, I purposely tried to make the change from nail to nail more subtle than on other ombre manicures I’ve seen. I like it better that way. But I think I could have even gone a little less subtle on this and still have been happy with it.

I just used plain old Wet n Wild Black and white polishes for this.

ombre 1

ombre 2


My goodness, I’m surprised by how much I like this! I’m usually very careful about not wearing anything too out-there on my nails – I am not at ALL a fashion risk taker – but I would (and will) soooo wear this.

As always, things I will do better next time:

I think it would make more sense to start with a color I want to use for the middle nail, instead of starting with the darkest color. It seems like it would be easier to make the tone changes more even that way. Or, start with the lightest color instead of the darkest – I started with black and worked my way to the light grey pinky and I was having to add a LOT of white. A lot. I ended up with sooooo much useless polish at the end and it felt wasteful. Note to self – don’t start with enough polish to paint all the nails because I will be adding polish as I go along!!

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Wet n Wild – Morbid

Posted by manicuremania on September 24, 2009

A cute bottle is NOT a good reason to buy nail polish. OK well yeah, it is, but this bottle is not cute enough to justify the polish it contains!

That said, here’s a bunch of pictures of the really cute bottle!

ww morbid

ww morbid 2

ww morbid 3

Now, about the bottle. It is too small. The brush wand is tiny and the cap is tiny, so it’s difficult to hold amd maneuver, and I hate it.

And about the color. It looks black, basically. It looked black all day at work unter the overhead lights, and I was hoping that it would shimmer in the sunlight but…yeah, still black unless you look realllllllllllly closely. I do not like this polish at all, and I will never wear it again. If I wanted a black polish, I have black polishes. And I guess if I want a dark green polish, I’ve got Date Night!

Man I did a rotten messy job painting my nails with this!ww morbid 4

ww morbid 5

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this is a sickness – multiple hauls

Posted by manicuremania on August 21, 2009

I seriously cannot stop myself from picking up a few polishes everywhere I go. Now lately, most of them have been drugstore polishes, so at least I’m not spending a zillion bucks on them, but still. This is stuff I’ve gotten in the last two weeks.

First, a trip to Walgreens:

L-R: Mercury Rising, Boogie Nights, Serena And Chloe, Pink Forever, Gorgeous, Cloud 9, Pearl Harbor, Bali Mist

L-R: Mercury Rising, Boogie Nights, Serena And Chloe, Pink Forever, Gorgeous, Cloud 9, Pearl Harbor, Bali Mist

These are my first Sinful Colors polishes, and they were on saaaaaaaaaale! Buy one, get one free! I have this horrible habit of buying things I don’t need just cause they’re bargains. I haven’t worn any of them yet but from the bottles I’m most excited about Boogie Nights, Pink Forever, and Cloud 9. I think Pearl Harbor might be my first glitter polish that isn’t tinted, so it should be great for layering.

Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Lightening, Green Glow, Cyber

Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Lightening, Green Glow, Cyber

Wet n’ Wild Bijou Blue – WnW polishes are so cheap that I just can’t justify not buying any of them that strike my fancy ever.
Wet n’ Wild Caribbean Frost
Sally Hansen Instra-Dri Lightening – my first yellow! But I can’t stand the spelling of the polish name
Milani Green Glow – greens are so hard to find, and my collection was severely lacking in greens. Also it’s a brand I’ve never tried before.
Sally Hansen HD Cyber – I’ve heard good things about the HD collection, and I needed a dark purple

Late night trip to Walmart (I was good this time):

NYC Charming Rose Crème & Pure Ice Excuse Me

NYC Charming Rose Crème & Pure Ice Excuse Me

I like Pure Ice polishes! This is my second-ever yellow, and it’s shimmery. A shimmery yellow? Hmmm. Not sure I’ll like that one. The N.Y.C. pink appears to be a shimmer also.

My “free” Zoyas have arrived:

L-R: Jo, Ali, Harley, Malia

L-R: Jo, Ali, Harley, Malia

I had such a good time picking out these polishes from the Zoya website! I simply couldn’t pick just 3, though. The site is so well designed for easy browsing and filtering for that certain perfect color, they have good descriptions of each polish, and suuuuuuuch a huge selection! Anyway, I am extreeeeeemely happy with what I got – these polishes are gorgeous. Ali looks radioactive in the picture, and Jo and Harley are shimmers!

Rite-Aid, I think?:

Wild Orchid, Emerald City, Gunmetal

Wild Orchid, Emerald City, Gunmetal

Wet n’ Wild Wild Orchid – purple base and holo glitter? Doesn’t look especially sheer, which is odd for a glitter but I’m cool with it!
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Emerald City РTHESE WERE ALSO ON SALE.  darkish shimmery green, ohhhhhh yeah
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Gunmetal – my collection was lacking in greys, and this one is dark, blueish, shimmery – I love it.

I recently had a ton of time to kill in Sally’s:

Naked, Ravishing, Dahling, Fifth Avenue

Naked, Ravishing, Dahling, Fifth Avenue

China Glaze Naked – light, bright pink. The name makes no sense, but I like the color a lot.
China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling – I wanted a vampy red, and got a pleasant surprise when I wore this for the first time…IT’S A JELLY! The only one I own, I think – it can be so hard to identify a true jelly.
China Glaze Fifth Avenue – my eye is immediately drawn to this one every single time I walk by a China Glaze display. This color is so “me,” it looks like a dirty mid-pink.

contents of the box

contents of the box

sheer pink, white, basecoat, topcoat

sheer pink, white, basecoat, topcoat

Orly French Manicure Kit in Rose – I’m excited about this one! I love french nails!

Also at Sally’s that day I saw part of the Orly Once Upon A Time collection, which I didn’t think was out yet…but they didn’t have all of them! I’d have gotten the green and the gray (OMG I need Pixie Dust) in a heartbeat, with no thought (which I never do), but those were the ones that were missing. ūüė¶ I didn’t even see a place for them in the display – are they releasing that collection in parts?

I don’t actually intend to have thousands of polishes, and I don’t see much need (for me) to have like 70 pinks – they’re not going to be different enough to justify that, IMO. I think there’s a point where I just have to say “You know, I’m happy with my selection of 3 black polishes – I have a glitter, a sheer, and an opaque…I’m good now!” But I’ve been trying to fill in gaps in my color collection lately – I didn’t have a single yellow, I was low on greens and purples, no dark vampy reds, etc. I’m by no means DONE…but for now, yeah, I’m done.

I am declaring a strict no-buy policy. I have bought so much polish lately, and I only have one set of fingers! Even if I change my polish every day, it would take like two months to go through all the new polishes I’ve gotten in the LAST two months, and that neglects all of my old polishes! So my resolution is to get through these before buying any more polish at ALL. We’ll see if I can manage to stick with that though. ūüėÄ

* Except I am snapping up Orly Pixie Dust whenever I see it. I’m new to polish collection buying and I don’t know if it’s a permanent collection, and no WAY am I letting this one become an Essie Starry Starry Night or a China Glaze Dorothy Who? for me

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Good Girl Gone Red

Posted by manicuremania on August 2, 2009

My inspiration for this one¬†was Lippmann’s Good Girl Gone Bad, and although it ended up not even being close, I’m still pretty happy with it.

Good Girl Gone Red

Good Girl Gone Red

This is, like…what Lubu Heels should’ve been. It actually matches the Lubu Heels bottle fairly closely, but I’m sure that anyone reading this blog would know that Lubu heels looks like a dark red glitter in the bottle, but ends up being¬†red glitter in an almost black base on your nails. Lame!


Ruby Pumps on the left, Lubu Heels on the right

I got Lubu Heels in the¬†second batch of non-drugstore polishes I ever purchased, and I was pretty disappointed¬†with it. I’ve only worn it on my toes so far,¬†though, and¬†I think that because toes are so far away from¬†everyone’s eyes¬†the sparkles end up being almost invisible in that dark, dark base!¬†I’ll probably try¬† it on my nails one of these days and we’ll see. Except that I don’t really like wearing black (or near black) polishes on my fingers. Ruby Pumps arrived in the mail yesterday also, along with Color Club Art of Seduction. Ruby Pumps was a lot redder than I thought it would be though. It’s very sad, I haven’t even tried either of those out yet and here I go making yet another red glitter!

The cast of characters:

I used all Wet n Wild polishes. Base was 2/3 full bottle of clear, and I added 10 drops of red, 8 drops of black, a scoop of red glitter, and a scoop of dark pink glitter.

black, red, clear, two colors of glitter

black, red, clear, two colors of glitter

My critique:

I should’ve gone for only pink glitter¬†in order¬†to lighten it up a bit. I also intended to make it a little less red and a little more burgundy. And, I think there’s a little too much glitter in it. I tried to make it sort of jellyish. I’m not exactly sure what the difference between a jelly and a sheer is, but this was definitely sheer. This was 3 coats. Odd how my camera picked up the sheerness of it…on my nails it looks even and perfectly opaque.

tips gggr

ta da!

I am loving this color! Glitters on my nails provide me with all-day-long entertainment because I can’t stop holding my hands up and wiggling them to make the glitter sparkle.

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Frankening: In The Beginning

Posted by manicuremania on August 1, 2009

Today my empty polish bottles arrived in the mail (along with my new Color Club polishes), and I also went out and bought a bunch of other stuff for frankening.
from ebay

from ebay

I’m dying to find smaller bottles for this, but I can’t find them anywhere.¬†I think 1/2¬†ounce bottles are just too big, since I’ve never in my life finished a bottle of nailpolish. Not to mention that I¬†will probably¬†screw up and make some that are¬†completely crappy. I’d love to get 1/4 ounce bottles, but I just can’t find them anywhere! I did find some 1/8 ounce bottles, but those…I think are just too small, plus the one¬†site I found them on looked slightly shady.

So, the stuff I bought just for frankening:

verrrry cheap polishes to start out with

verrrry cheap polishes

I figured I’d get some $1 polishes to start out with and see how it goes. The three on the bottom I got just cause I liked them! Also, some supplies:

other people can franken with stuff they have on hand...why not me???

BBs for mixing, set of glitter tools (funnels, brush, tiny scoop, mixing...knife), mixing palette, more tiny funnels (i forgot the first set included funnels!).

I found a ton of other types of glitters that I’d like to try, but I read a post on one of the nail blogs I read, that warned about using toxic pigments and stuff in frankens. I don’t remember which blog it was but it involved cadmium making your bones dissolve, so now I’m all freaked out about toxic ingredients. Cadmium is like an artist paint ingredient I think, so I assume any glitters are probably fine, but some of them were making me suspicious because they didn’t specifically say that they were non-toxic. Some even just said “Don’t ingest.”

Geez, glitter is going to be covering everything I own.

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