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China Glaze – Ravishing, Dahling

Posted by manicuremania on November 4, 2009

Ravishing, Dahling is easily in my top 5 favorite polishes. I love to say the name! AND I LOVE JELLIES! I don’t even know why, maybe just because they’re kind of rare? By the way, why are jellies unusual? Because they take a zillion coats and most people (except bloggers/polish obsessors) don’t like the sheerness maybe? Also, why do all jellies seem to be red? I already have a red! Anyway, this is the one sad lonely jelly in my collection. I think it’s also the only polish I’ve worn more than once since I started buying polish like crazy and started this blog – this is the THIRD TIME I’ve worn it since then!!!! It’s been featured a couple of times on this blog before – I used it for my half-moon manicure.

I’m terribly worried about taking it off though. I’m convinced that most of my nail staining is from this particular polish – last time I wore it my nails were NOTICEABLY yellower upon removing it, even with my super careful application of two coats of basecoat!

Hey I just had a thought. All the nail bloggers seem to complain that their nails get yellow even though they religiously use basecoat, right? And I’d say most bloggers use Seche. And you know how Seche claims that their topcoat does some sort of bonding thing all the way through all the polish layers? I wonder how much truth there is to that – maybe the Seche is zapping through our basecoats and yellowing our nails?

OK, back on topic. I love jellies, I love Ravishing, Dahling, here have some pictures!

cg ravdahl

cg ravdahl 2


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French Week – half-moon manicure

Posted by manicuremania on August 31, 2009

french week
Now, this isn’t a french, exactly, but it’s french-like. French-adjacent. I think it still counts for french week, because I’ve been wanting to do it for a while!

ch ravishing reverse french 2


It’s an interesting look, and I used China Glaze Ravishing Dahling, which is a wonderful jelly-ish polish.

ch ravishing reverse french 3

no flash!

I think you can see the full effect more when the pictures aren’t cropped so tightly, but I had an issue with my thumbnail that I had to “fix.”

no flash!

I have used my expert Photoshopping skillz to edit out the enormous smudge that happened on the way outside to take the pics.

I freehanded the moons, which turned out OK. I just followed the curve of my natural moons (is there a real term for those?) with the polish brush, and then cleaned them up a bit with acetone and a paintbrush.

As always, here is my list of complaints/things I will do differently next time:

I’d liked to not follow the curve of my moons, and instead make them larger and more curved in order to increase the drama of the effect. I think I could’ve done with a third coat of polish to make it darker and more vampy and 1940’s-ish, and I also think I need an actual color for the moons instead of just leaving them bare, because there’s not enough contrast between the moons and my skin. Also interesting would be to include a french tip, I think – maybe with a dull white color for the moons and tips.

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