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Out-gray-geous Konad

Posted by manicuremania on November 25, 2009

This is of course a base of Barielle Out-Gray-Geous, konaded with plate konaded with plate 64 and Barielle U-Concrete-Me.

This is not good. I was trying for something subtle with the two different gray finishes, but I don’t like the plate, I think. It just looks…sloppy.

bar outgray konad 2

bar outgray konad


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Green Konad

Posted by manicuremania on October 11, 2009

I really like this Konad I did today! I often have trouble finding colors that work together for Konading, but I think these work really well – I like monotone Konads the best, I think. This is Diamond Cosmetics Oh, Tiff! and Barielle Sweet Addiction, with plate 63. With the two colors right next to each other, the final result turned out much more green than Oh, Tiff! normally is.

oh tiff konad 2

oh tiff konad 3

oh tiff konad

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Ice Coffee – Fancier Now!

Posted by manicuremania on October 4, 2009

Well this is my first foray into nail jewels. I’ve had some sitting around for forever and just never did anything with them before.

red jewels 3

red jewels 4

So…I stuck them on while my Seche Vite was still tacky, then covered it with another layer of Seche. Which…is that how it should be done? On my thumbs the Seche is sort of pooling around the rhinestones and it looks silly. Actually my thumbs look silly anyway, there’s way too much going on.

I suppose I shouldn’t hide my nail mistakes, posting them will help me grow! Or something. It will give me photographic evidence of what NOT to do, at least.

The verdict per me: thumbs = bad, other fingers = acceptable.

red jewels 2

red jewels

red jewels 5I added this stuff to my previous manicure with Sally Hanson XTREEEEEEME WEAR Ice Coffee, Konad plate 64, and Special Polish in Wine Red.

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French Week – lacy french

Posted by manicuremania on August 30, 2009

french week
This is a pretty classic french manicure. Simple and elegant, and I really like this look! I used Sally Hansen Natural Color for the sheer polish (it came in some sort of french kit years ago), and Orly White Tips for the tips, which I added last so the tips are still stark white. My critique of this is that I made the tips too thick.



Then I added a Konad, and I think I just made my favorite manicure ever. I used white Special Polish and plate 73. Not too much more to say about it…it’s very girly and pretty and it reminds me of lace.

pretty pretty!

pretty pretty!

OK…I really like my nails here, and because of that I plan on wearing this for a while. But it started to bug me like crazy that the tips were so thick…soooo…well, I redid them. And now I am much happier with them and I won’t have to hide my nails tomorrow at work!!

sh natural color redo

sh natural color redo 2

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French Week – Tire Tracks Konad

Posted by manicuremania on August 30, 2009

french week
I did this one a while ago and thought I’d drag it out for French Week! I love the combination of pink and black – it seems so vintage and it reminds me of poodle skirts and sock hops. The Konad pattern I used also looked nice, but not in black – I kept getting people exclaiming over my nails and then asking me if I’m into Nascar, or mentioning that it looks like tire treads. Not quite the effect I was going for.


cellphone pic, slightly washed out

I think I’ll try another variation of the pink and black this week without the tires.

This was Finger Paints Pink Dawn Konaded with black Special Polish and plate 44.

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Zoya – Malia

Posted by manicuremania on August 22, 2009

Wow, two purples in a row, and I despise purples generally! Oh but this is a niiiiice color. It’s a light purple, but not a pastel purple. It’s sort of a dusty, dirty light purple. Zoya’s site just describes it as a cool-toned violet creme, which doesn’t do it very much justice in my opinion. It’s quite a bit darker on my nails than in the bottle. I love it!

Now, I did have problems with application. I want so much to love Zoya, but…application was baaaaaad on this one. It was very runny, yet applied thickly, and it was practically dry before I could finish painting a nail. Is this that Big 3-Free syndrome I’ve heard about? Whatever it is, DO NOT WANT!

Like I said, it applied thickly, and it was almost a one-coater, but there were bald spots because of the instantly-drying thing. This is two coats.

in sunlight

in sunlight

I’ve gotten compliments on this one already!

Of course I got tired of it after like twelve hours, so I decided to play around with different things. I matte-ified my right hand with Essie Matte About You topcoat:


cuticles still bad

This is the first time I’ve matte-ed anything that wasn’t glitter or shimmery, and, it was just ok. It sort of just looked dull.

Then on my left hand, I figured I’d do a monochrome french tips design, but I didn’t have a darker purple that I wanted to use, so I whipped one up:

the ingredients

the ingredients

just tips

just tips

I freehanded the tips for the first time – always in the past I’ve used sticky strip guides. Not a bad look, but I was feeling more creative than that!

So, I added a white stripe below each dark tip, the used a fancy french Konad stamp in white special polish. The I thought the stripe looked dumb, so I covered it witb dark purple instead. It was fun to do, but didn’t really look good enought for me to keep it on. I think next I’ll try an asymmetrical french with a bright color for the tips and some stripes and dots – I’ve been seeing that all over the place lately.

taken in the rain!

taken in the rain!

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Bad Landing Konad

Posted by manicuremania on August 11, 2009

A weird thing happened while I was trying to do this design. I was on like my 7th nail, and suddenly it seemed like the pattern was drying instantly on the stamp, and it wouldn’t transfer to my nails! That’s never happened to me before, and it’s not a problem I’ve really heard of happening, either. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong! But, next time I tried it, I filed the stamp and the problem was fixed. An odd thing to make that happen, though.



cellphone pic!

cellphone pic!

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China Glaze – For Audrey

Posted by manicuremania on August 2, 2009

This is my very favorite color of polish…to look at in the bottle. So gorgeous. I’ve been saving it until my nails grew out a little because they were kinda uneven when I first started all this. I just don’t like it on my nails very well! Maybe it’s some sort of skintone mismatch?

after a day or two of wear :(

after a day or two of wear 😦

Since it’s starting to look crappy now anyway, I figured I’d add a Konad.

Color Club Fashion Addict and Konad plate 63

Color Club Fashion Addict and Konad plate 63

Man, these closeup pictures of my nails are kind of horrifying. They look fine to me in person, but zoomed in it’s gross cuticles everywhere!

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