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Pure Ice – Gold Mist & Iced Copper

Posted by manicuremania on September 16, 2009

pi twoThese are two colors that I don’t really see myself ever enjoying or wearing, so I figured I’d get them out of the way in one post. Like most Pure Ice colors, they’ve got beautiful shimmer. Buuuuut, the colors are just kind of blah.

I should really get rid of the polishes I don’t like…

I did three coats, just for the heack of it. I could have stopped at two on Iced Copper.

pi two 2

pi two 3


2 Responses to “Pure Ice – Gold Mist & Iced Copper”

  1. Lucy said

    Why don’t you like them? I think they look lovely on you. These are nice Fall colors.

    • manicuremania said

      hehe it’s probably just that , how can a semi-boring brownish copper compare to all my blues and reds, and purples…etc!

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