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Diamond Cosmetics – Pink Paradise

Posted by manicuremania on September 29, 2009

dia pink paradise

Love, love, love. Is it pink? Is it coral? I don’t know, but I love it.

Pretty accurate swatch. It is much brighter IRL though. This is a very bright color. It’s so ME! I’m really liking the consistency of the Diamond polishes – I like runnier polishes personally.

dia pink paradise 303

The flash  picture is color accurate, the no flash picture is not at all.

dia pink paradise 2

dia pink paradise 3

On another note, I am going back to my old lightbox. These pictures are rotten!


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China Glaze – Naked

Posted by manicuremania on September 25, 2009

Whew, I’ve broken my polish losing streak! I was getting sick of sounding so negative in every post, so I pulled out a polish I’d been saving because I knew I’d love the color. Well, OK, I actually decided to wear it because it exactly matched one of the colors in my outfit today, but that doesn’t sound as good. I don’t EVER match my polish to anything I’m wearing, ever, but today it just seemed right! I wonder if most people do though?

cg naked

This is a medium, almost hot pink, with a bit of coral to it. It’s a really nice color, but the application wasn’t as great. Well, more the consistency, really. I had to use four coats and I still had VNL, so it’s a high maintenance polish – it takes FOREVER to let four coats of polish dry enough to apply the next coat! This has a lot of very subtle shimmer.

cg naked 2

cg naked 3

I have been sooo boring lately with my nails! I haven’t done a bit of Konading or nail art, or anything except slapping on polish! I am going to try hard to find the time to do some nail art this weekend.

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Leopard Print

Posted by manicuremania on September 17, 2009

So, to continue on the animal print theme, I have made leopard nails, inspired by a ton of bloggers lately:


Nani’s Nails

Nail Na Nails

And surely more, this has been everywhere lately, but these are the ones I can find right now.

I tried out my Art Deco black nail art polish for this one, and it worked OK – I oddly had the same problem as I had with the Konad polish: adding a topcoat made it streak BADLY. I know why the Konad polish does that, but this polish dries pretty quickly! Are you just not able to use topcoats with nail art, or what? Anyway, I stopped adding topcoat after the first two nails so that I could get some pictures.

Finally, I found a use for my semi-ugly China Glaze V polish, which I only got because it was on clearance at Sally’s!

leopard 6It’s nighttime, so no sunlight shots, sadly.


leopard 2

leopard 3

leopard 4

leopard 5

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Pure Ice – Twinkle

Posted by manicuremania on September 8, 2009

pi twinkle 11

This is a little too orange for me, I think. It’s a nice light orange/coral color that is totally me, but it has gold shimmer, which ruins it for me a little.



no flash

no flash

I tried to capture the gold shimmer!

pi twinkle 9

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