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Essie – Big Bag Theory

Posted by manicuremania on December 10, 2009

Pretty pretty! Once again, my camera cannot take pictures of reds though. Strangely, the bottle picture is fine, but the nail picture has turned cherry red as always, I don’t get it! This polish is yet another that proves that I was entirely wrong in my dislike of Essie-this and every other Essie I’ve tried since deciding they sucked has just been lovely.


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Maybelline – Night Affair

Posted by manicuremania on December 8, 2009

I am having some issues. First, I took pictures of the polish I wore today (one of my Dollar Tree Maybellines, Mod Mauve), then immediately redid my nails, and when I plugged my memory card into my PC…no Mod Mauve pictures. WTF? Maybe the card wasn’t seated properly in the camera. And THEN. None of my pictures will upload to WordPress tonight! My connection seems slow this evening, I guess I’ll just try again tomorrow.

This color is pretty blah. Very pretty in the bottle, but on the nail it’s very dark and the sparkles don’t show up very well. It actually is red, just a sort of brownish red. The glitter in this is both red and silver. 3 coats:

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Barielle – Suntini

Posted by manicuremania on November 22, 2009

bar suntini 2

Suntini was a random polish I picked out when I made my big Barielle order a while back, and I really didn’t expect to like it this much! It’s a seriously bright orangy red, and I really love it. Actually I’ve loved all the Barielle reds I got. Sadly, my camera is incapable of taking pictures of red polish.

Oh, and this particular polish wasn’t one of the crazy horribly thick Barielles, by the way.

bar suntini

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China Glaze – Ravishing, Dahling

Posted by manicuremania on November 4, 2009

Ravishing, Dahling is easily in my top 5 favorite polishes. I love to say the name! AND I LOVE JELLIES! I don’t even know why, maybe just because they’re kind of rare? By the way, why are jellies unusual? Because they take a zillion coats and most people (except bloggers/polish obsessors) don’t like the sheerness maybe? Also, why do all jellies seem to be red? I already have a red! Anyway, this is the one sad lonely jelly in my collection. I think it’s also the only polish I’ve worn more than once since I started buying polish like crazy and started this blog – this is the THIRD TIME I’ve worn it since then!!!! It’s been featured a couple of times on this blog before – I used it for my half-moon manicure.

I’m terribly worried about taking it off though. I’m convinced that most of my nail staining is from this particular polish – last time I wore it my nails were NOTICEABLY yellower upon removing it, even with my super careful application of two coats of basecoat!

Hey I just had a thought. All the nail bloggers seem to complain that their nails get yellow even though they religiously use basecoat, right? And I’d say most bloggers use Seche. And you know how Seche claims that their topcoat does some sort of bonding thing all the way through all the polish layers? I wonder how much truth there is to that – maybe the Seche is zapping through our basecoats and yellowing our nails?

OK, back on topic. I love jellies, I love Ravishing, Dahling, here have some pictures!

cg ravdahl

cg ravdahl 2

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Lubu Manicure

Posted by manicuremania on October 31, 2009

This morning I was sitting at the breakfast table thinking about the manicures I’ve been wanting to do that I haven’t had time to do lately (a Lubu manicure, for one). Then I started admiring how long my nails had gotten, and I decided to file them down some, because really it’s just tempting breakages when they’re that long, plus I just like the look of them better when they’re a tad bit shorter. Anyway, so there I was halfway through when I realized, YOU DON’T SHORTEN YOUR NAILS UNTIL AFTER THE LUBU MANICURE, DUMMY.


lubu man 2

So here it is! This was actually kind of interesting. I did the red under-tips first, using a tiny little flattened square nail art brush, and it went on fairly painlessly and pretty neatly. I think I got to three coats before deciding I’d achieved the opacity that I had in mind. As I always am, I was startled by how beautiful Ruby Pumps is – it really is probably one of my favorite polishes ever. Man, that shimmer!!!!

lubu man 6

lubu man

Then, the Lubu Heels. I sit under a lamp to do my nails, so I was directly under a light source, and the red glitter was sparkling like crazy. And I considered rethinking my opinion that this polish sucks – until I walked across the room out of direct light and my nails just looked black again. 😦 I think that for me, Lubu Heels is nice in theory but not so great in actuality. Vampy black polish with secret red shimmer/glitter!!! That sounds awesome!!! But, the glitter just isn’t noticeable enough for me. If I want a black polish, I will wear black polish!

lubu man 4

When I was all done, I needed a little something extra. It just wasn’t awesome enough yet. So, I painted the edges of my nail tips with Ruby Pumps, and I think that kicked it up a notch, at least from 5 inches away!!

lubu man 5

lubu man 3

I think that I really did need longer nails for this. with there not being too much nail to paint the underside of, I went down as far as I could, which, as I found out when I tried to remove it, was a total mistake. I’m left with little lines of red polish deep under my nails that I just can’t seem to get out.

lubu man 7

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Borghese – Rossi Apple

Posted by manicuremania on October 28, 2009

borg rossi
YAYAYAYAYAY I love Rossi Apple. It’s an orangy pinkish red, and the shimmer is gorgeous! I bought two Borghese polishes at Walgreen’s the other day, and only because because they were in the clearance section for $1.99. I am NOT going to pay, what, $8 for a drugstore pink? That is insane.

I think I like the brand a lot though. Coverage is good, the brushes are nice and huge and rounded at the bottom, and the bottles are very nice and dignified looking.

Here’s another bottle pic cause they’re adorable!

borg rossi 2

borg rossi 3

borg rossi 4

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Barielle – Razz-Berry

Posted by manicuremania on October 23, 2009

bar razz

Ew. This is a perfectly fine color I suppose, and I actually got a compliment on it today, but it’s just not me.

bar razz 2

bar razz 3

As in a lot of my pictures, you can see the fibers from my Orly Nail Armor nasecoat hanging off the ends of some of my nails. It’s annoying!

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Rose Polish

Posted by manicuremania on October 18, 2009

I found this sitting on a random shelf in Spirit Of Halloween, one of those Halloween costume stores that takes over vacant buildings during the season. It was the only one I saw and I snapped it up!

nn rose 4

From the tag on the stem, I suspect that there are maybe more colors available, but I was in two different Spirit Of Halloween stores yesterday and I couldn’t find any others there or online at

Editing my post to say that I did some more searching around online and these seem to be part of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers collection, and they seem to be  available at Walgreen’s also. I’ve only heard of two colors – Red Rose and Black Rose. Weird how they’re not labeled on the bottle and how I couldn’t find evidence of any other than the one I bought in the Halloween store!!

nn rose 3

This is worth buying just for the pretty pretty bottle, but the color and polish itself are both very nice also. It’s a bright, true red with lots of gold shimmer.

nn rose

nn rose 2

While I was applying this, I thought that it would be pretty close to Ruby Pumps, but once I compared the two (below), they are completely, totally different. I also realized that my camera doesn’t like taking pictures of reds.

nn rose compareRose on top, Ruby Pumps on the bottom!

And, here are some more pictures of the gorgeous bottle!! I love this!

nn rose 5

nn rose 6

nn rose 7

nn rose 8

nn rose 9

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Diamond Cosmetics – Hue Are You?

Posted by manicuremania on October 15, 2009

dia hue 3

I’m don’t really like Hue Are You?. It’s a pinkish/reddish base with TONS of gold shimmer. Seriously, TONS, I’m loving this shimmer so much. But the combination of the pink base and gold glitter is a bit too brownish for me. I just don’t like the shade very much.

dia hue

dia hue 2

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Ice Coffee – Fancier Now!

Posted by manicuremania on October 4, 2009

Well this is my first foray into nail jewels. I’ve had some sitting around for forever and just never did anything with them before.

red jewels 3

red jewels 4

So…I stuck them on while my Seche Vite was still tacky, then covered it with another layer of Seche. Which…is that how it should be done? On my thumbs the Seche is sort of pooling around the rhinestones and it looks silly. Actually my thumbs look silly anyway, there’s way too much going on.

I suppose I shouldn’t hide my nail mistakes, posting them will help me grow! Or something. It will give me photographic evidence of what NOT to do, at least.

The verdict per me: thumbs = bad, other fingers = acceptable.

red jewels 2

red jewels

red jewels 5I added this stuff to my previous manicure with Sally Hanson XTREEEEEEME WEAR Ice Coffee, Konad plate 64, and Special Polish in Wine Red.

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