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Barielle – Falling Star

Posted by manicuremania on September 23, 2009

bar falling star

This one is so thiiick! Some of the other Barielles were thick, yeah, but this one…was ridiculously, unuseably thick! I don’t like thinning new polishes just on principle, but I finally added some thinner to this in order to do my third coat, and then it worked fine.

No glitter in the swatch! Shame on Barielle, the glitter is the best part!

bar falling star swatch

The glitter in this is really large, and it’s hard to get it even – I see now that I have some patches with no glitter at all. I also sort of wonder about putting glitter like this in such an opaque polish – I don’t believe that the glitter from the first two coats is visible at all, so it’s…just an odd polish.

The blue and copper is awesome together, though – such an unexpected combination! This is the Barielle that I was looking forward to the most.

bar falling star 2

bar falling star 3


5 Responses to “Barielle – Falling Star”

  1. Jen said

    Love love this color…. Where can you buy this whole collection? I only found it on their website. Which by the way does have a picture of the bottle showing the copper glitter (which i agree is the best part)!!

  2. Lucy said

    I had to thin my polish out quite a bit. I so love this color! It’s my favorite of the collection. Looks gorgeous on you. I love the shade of blue and the copper on you. I haven’t used any of the others in the collection. I hope the rest don’t have to be thinned. If they do I have a nice new bottle of thinner. I bought the whole All Lacquered Up collection. I think all the colors are fantastic. Looks lovely on you. I wore mine for a whole week. I just slapped another coat of polish on when I got some tip wear. I hated taking it off since I liked it so much.

  3. […] and this particular polish wasn’t one of the crazy horribly thick Barielles, by the […]

  4. […] and this particular polish wasn’t one of the crazy horribly thick Barielles, by the […]

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