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Posted by manicuremania on December 3, 2009

It is crazy and ridiculous even to me, that I can stand in front of my ~200 polish collection and think “I have nothing to wear!” but it’s true. I’m bored with everything I have. I haven’t even worn most of them still but…yeah, I have nothing to wear.

I’ve got my Zoya free green polishes coming in…tomorrow, I think? so maybe that’ll give me something exciting to use for a few days. And I *still* need to hunt around for the Wizard of Oz collection…it seemed to be selling out when I looked last week though, I wonder if I’ll have problems finding it. And I’ve been wanting to make an order at Dollar Nail Art, because OMG, what a concept! AND, I’ve been thinking about Nfu.Ohs also lately…hmmm…I wonder where one can buy them, I don’t really think I’ve ever heard. Oh, and I need to make a new Diamond order…sigh. The fun part is the shopping, I think!!!!

Just now I finally broke down and applied a polish I’ve already previously featured on this blog, China Glaze 2Nite.

Does everyone have this problem of streakiness and seperation with holos? I only have two holos, but MAN they are horrible to apply. This is one coat, and I think it will take three to finish.

It is…lumpy! It’s almost like oily…stuff…is seperating from the polish on my nail, and God forbid that I try to go back over a wet nail with the brush to fix a smudge or lump – then it even rubs off the dry bottom layer!  It is so weird and terrible, this seems like the type of polish that should glide on extremely thinly, but it is NOT. Is this just a trait of holos, or what?


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Randomness pt 2

Posted by manicuremania on November 25, 2009

So I found a theme! It is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Every other WP theme I’ve tried has been modifiable, but only through editing the PHP and CSS files. And I can do that…but I’m uncomfortable making large changes to someone else’s code, it would take forever unless I built it from scratch myself and knew where everything was and how it was specified…and yeah actually, that would still take forever!

But then I found Atahualpa. Crazy name, but OMIGOODNESS. There are options to edit the theme directly from the WP admin panel. Like, a LOT of options. In fact it’s so thorough that so far, I haven’t found anything that I want to change and can’t. I have not once had to edit a php or CSS file (and I don’t think I would anyway, I suspect making random changes under the hood could really screw this up). It is amazing and awesome. LOOK AT THIS!!!!!

OK, so in nail news, I went to Rite Aid today to pick up a few things. Since when did Rite Aid start selling Sinful Colors? I thought that was a Walgreen’s brand.

I guess I was in a sort of neutral  color mood, huh?

  • Wet n Wild Craze in Shield and Goldmine
  • Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud
  • Wet n Wild Flirt Gumdrop

And also I saw these and couldn’t resist because I can’t figure out how they could possibly work, or even really what they’re supposed to do. And fromt he small amount of testing I’ve done with them so far…my suspicion was right, they’re crap.

Oh, and I am so all over the Zoya Green Friday promotion this week. If Zoya continues to give me free stuff, I might go broke, though. 😀

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Posted by manicuremania on November 23, 2009

So I’ m off all week and planning to make the move onto self-hosted wordpress finally. I bought a domain months ago in preparation, but I’ve been holding off because it will really be a ton of work. I consider myself fairly internet/computer savvy, but I just don’t really understand feedburner (one of the reasons I want to move to self-hosted) all that well at all.

Plus I’ll have to mess around with themes too…I have extreeeeeemely specific ideas for that, and I haven’t been able to find a theme that meets my standards as of yet. I want a 3-column theme that is widget ready and can make use of a customer header graphic. It needs to be simple, preferably will allow me to change the colors, and also not stupid. The sidebar widget lists have to be spaced correctly, too – a lot of themes that meet my requirements otherwise  have irritating spacing on the widget lists, and I just cannot deal with that. 🙂 I’m considering making a theme from scratch, but…I’m not sure I want to sink that amount of my vacation-time into it – last time I made a theme it took foreverrrrr. I really love my current theme a whole lot – the ONE thing it lacks is the ability to add a header image.

Speaking of that, I’m working on designing my new header image…this is what I have so far.

Still needs a bunch of work just for that image, then I’ll need to incorporate it into an actual banner. 🙂

Also, I’ve found out that the Wizard Of Ooh Ahz collection is available for order now, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for it! And even though the swatches I’ve seen recently of it aren’t really what I was expecting, I am still going to buy it. But, transdesign doesn’t seem to have either the set or the individual Dorothy Who? polish available for order, and that’s bugging me.

OK, back to my banner-making!

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shocked at Target!

Posted by manicuremania on August 30, 2009

I went into a Target yesterday that I rarely go in, and of course I had to wander casually down the nail aisles even though I am on a strict no-buy. They had Essies and O.P.I.s! It’s so awesome to be able to buy higher quality polishes at a drugstore-type place! I could walk in there any time I wanted and purchase a ridge filling base coat instead of driving 45 minutes to Ulta or Sally’s! I simply had  to take an extremely covert camera-phone picture (it’s actually impossible to be stealthy when taking pictures with a cellphone, I looked like a dumbass).


furtive blackberry pic

It was a nice display, too – a pretty small range of colors (pinks and reds and mauves of course, nothing really interesting), but large and impressive all the same.  The whole section was absolutely wiiiiiped out of every brand though. I really want Sally Hansen Honeydew!! 😦

I also went to Ulta yesterday, and bought NOTHING! My boyfriend saw me admiring Banana Bandana and offered to buy it for me, but I resisted: NO-BUY INCLUDES GIFTS.

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And for my first trick…

Posted by manicuremania on August 1, 2009

…Er, post…I will talk about the purpose of this blog! I think that blogs should have a purpose, and I feel like I should talk a bit about myself before diving right in. The purpose of this blog is, of course, to talk about nail polish! I am so obsessed with nail polish (nailpolish? I should decide that before going any further with this) lately. I’ve sort of always been into polish, but lately it’s progressed into a full-blown obsession: I discovered higher end polishes. Da da DUM!

Previously my nail polish collection pretty much consisted of drugstore polishes. I had a ton of them, but it was your basic drugstore selection of mauves, taupes, reds, and pinks. Now, I’m not turning my nose up at Sally Hansen or anything, but I stumbled upon a nail polish blog recently and was astounded that nail polish was such a…thing!

That there are so many colors! I walked into a Sally’s recently and was dumbfounded at the enormous selection of colors. Yellows and greens and purples, oh my!

That there are actually polish collections, just like with clothes! There are discontinued polishes, and themes, and funny names…

That there are different finishes (what is the difference between a shimmer and a frost? I have no idea, yet, but I aim to find out)!

That Konad systems exist. Stamping patterns on my nails? Sign me up!

That “wearing nail polish” doesn’t consist of walking into a CVS, picking out a pretty pink, applying two coats, and noticing the next day that it’s chipping like crazy. I’ve bought some Seche Vite, and I do believe I’m in love.

Then I learned about frankening. I love to make things! Making…my own colors? Working…with glitter and pigments?? THAT IS SO EXCITING!! I wish I was exaggerating here, but I’m a huge dork.

And thus began this current phase of my obsession.

Omigosh, I do ramble on. Short verison: blog, purpose, polish, colors, frankens, obsession. Done!

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