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Posted by manicuremania on December 3, 2009

It is crazy and ridiculous even to me, that I can stand in front of my ~200 polish collection and think “I have nothing to wear!” but it’s true. I’m bored with everything I have. I haven’t even worn most of them still but…yeah, I have nothing to wear.

I’ve got my Zoya free green polishes coming in…tomorrow, I think? so maybe that’ll give me something exciting to use for a few days. And I *still* need to hunt around for the Wizard of Oz collection…it seemed to be selling out when I looked last week though, I wonder if I’ll have problems finding it. And I’ve been wanting to make an order at Dollar Nail Art, because OMG, what a concept! AND, I’ve been thinking about Nfu.Ohs also lately…hmmm…I wonder where one can buy them, I don’t really think I’ve ever heard. Oh, and I need to make a new Diamond order…sigh. The fun part is the shopping, I think!!!!

Just now I finally broke down and applied a polish I’ve already previously featured on this blog, China Glaze 2Nite.

Does everyone have this problem of streakiness and seperation with holos? I only have two holos, but MAN they are horrible to apply. This is one coat, and I think it will take three to finish.

It is…lumpy! It’s almost like oily…stuff…is seperating from the polish on my nail, and God forbid that I try to go back over a wet nail with the brush to fix a smudge or lump – then it even rubs off the dry bottom layer!  It is so weird and terrible, this seems like the type of polish that should glide on extremely thinly, but it is NOT. Is this just a trait of holos, or what?


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