Manicure Mania!

Maybelline – Night Affair

Posted by manicuremania on December 8, 2009

I am having some issues. First, I took pictures of the polish I wore today (one of my Dollar Tree Maybellines, Mod Mauve), then immediately redid my nails, and when I plugged my memory card into my PC…no Mod Mauve pictures. WTF? Maybe the card wasn’t seated properly in the camera. And THEN. None of my pictures will upload to WordPress tonight! My connection seems slow this evening, I guess I’ll just try again tomorrow.

This color is pretty blah. Very pretty in the bottle, but on the nail it’s very dark and the sparkles don’t show up very well. It actually is red, just a sort of brownish red. The glitter in this is both red and silver. 3 coats:


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