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Gradation Manicure – FAIL

Posted by manicuremania on November 15, 2009

FAILEDWell, it sounded simple.

No, it didn’t actually. Everytime I’ve heard a gradient manicure mentioned, it was either kinda bad looking, or mentioned how hard it is to get right.

I tried to use Orly Smudge Fixer for the gradient, and…sigh. FAIL.

Ugh, I should just let the pictures speak for themselves.

For my first try, I used Barielle Expressive, Zoya Malia, and China Glaze Grape Juice.


The bottom layer of polish kept rubbing off while I tried to get an even gradation, showing my bare nail, so I tried waiting until the last layer of polish was entirely dry, and blending the newst layer while wet. FAIL. And of course, I never actually got an even gradation. I think maybe gradations should be reserved for sheer, shimmery colors? Cremes probably aren’t the greatest for this.

I tried it a little differently on my thumb – I added a layer of Seche and waited for it to dry before applying the next color. FAIL. The Smudge Fixer melted the Seche and I had bare spots in the first layer again.


Next I tried scrapping the whole “let’s use creme polishes!” idea, and tried just one color of glitter. SEMI-FAIL?

gradient3This is not the look I was going for, and I wouldn’t really call it a gradient, but it is an interesting look. The problem here is that my nails are yellowed enough that I’m not really cool with having them mostly bare like this.

I’ll have to look up some tutorials and stuff and see if I can figure out what I’m doing wrong.


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