Manicure Mania!

Borghese – Rossi Apple

Posted by manicuremania on October 28, 2009

borg rossi
YAYAYAYAYAY I love Rossi Apple. It’s an orangy pinkish red, and the shimmer is gorgeous! I bought two Borghese polishes at Walgreen’s the other day, and only because because they were in the clearance section for $1.99. I am NOT going to pay, what, $8 for a drugstore pink? That is insane.

I think I like the brand a lot though. Coverage is good, the brushes are nice and huge and rounded at the bottom, and the bottles are very nice and dignified looking.

Here’s another bottle pic cause they’re adorable!

borg rossi 2

borg rossi 3

borg rossi 4


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