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Moxie Feedback

Posted by manicuremania on October 9, 2009

So the other day, right after I put on Zoya Moxie, my dad told me that he thought my nails looked nice. He’s very good about carefully considering when I ask him for opinions about stuff that he doesn’t care about, and since he knows that my nails are important to me, I’ve noticed that he comments on them by himself recently.

Anyway, so two days later, I’m somehow still wearing Moxie. And we’re all sitting around the table, and he’s teasing me and he says he doesn’t like my nails. I tell him that he liked them two days ago, and hold them out for him to get a better look, and I get this:

“Well, it’s a nice color, but it doesn’t look good on you and OH EWWWWWW YOU SQUARED YOUR NAILS!!!!”

Sigh. They’re not that square!


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Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow x2

Posted by manicuremania on October 9, 2009

I would like to introduce you to Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow:

sh mellow 39

Looks like a pretty, shimmery green, no? Probably a bit sheer, but still an interesting color, and you know how I feel about the Xtreme Wear polishes from Sally Hansen! I’ve had Mellow Yellow for…years, I guess? I don’t remember buying it. And really I’m not sure why I ever bought it because I can tell just by looking at the bottle that it will be depressingly sheer.

…And it is, like so:

sh mellow 39 2

sh mellow 39 3FIVE coats? That is just too many, especially for a polish that gives you this payout for all that work. I don’t like this at all, it looks dingy and dirty. The light green from the bottle becomes a yellowy color with a faint duochrome on the nail. Gross!

But wait! What’s this?

sh mellow 27

Well that’s a pretty yellow, what’s it call—


sh mellow

Mellow Yellow 27 is Mellow Yellow 39’s prettier, more modern, sloppier friend. This is much closer to the pale pastel yellow I’ve been searching for, but still not there yet. However, it doesn’t burn my eyes or make me think of school buses, so I like it. Streaky and hard to apply though, as is to be expected from a yellow.

sh mellow 27 2

sh mellow 27 3

The name thing really does bug me though, how unimaginative is that??? They could have called the green one…Honeydew! Or, heck…Sprite!

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