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China Glaze – Naked

Posted by manicuremania on September 25, 2009

Whew, I’ve broken my polish losing streak! I was getting sick of sounding so negative in every post, so I pulled out a polish I’d been saving because I knew I’d love the color. Well, OK, I actually decided to wear it because it exactly matched one of the colors in my outfit today, but that doesn’t sound as good. I don’t EVER match my polish to anything I’m wearing, ever, but today it just seemed right! I wonder if most people do though?

cg naked

This is a medium, almost hot pink, with a bit of coral to it. It’s a really nice color, but the application wasn’t as great. Well, more the consistency, really. I had to use four coats and I still had VNL, so it’s a high maintenance polish – it takes FOREVER to let four coats of polish dry enough to apply the next coat! This has a lot of very subtle shimmer.

cg naked 2

cg naked 3

I have been sooo boring lately with my nails! I haven’t done a bit of Konading or nail art, or anything except slapping on polish! I am going to try hard to find the time to do some nail art this weekend.


One Response to “China Glaze – Naked”

  1. Lucy said

    That’s a really pretty color on you. I can see the shimmer in this shade. Pretty,

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