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Wet n Wild – Morbid

Posted by manicuremania on September 24, 2009

A cute bottle is NOT a good reason to buy nail polish. OK well yeah, it is, but this bottle is not cute enough to justify the polish it contains!

That said, here’s a bunch of pictures of the really cute bottle!

ww morbid

ww morbid 2

ww morbid 3

Now, about the bottle. It is too small. The brush wand is tiny and the cap is tiny, so it’s difficult to hold amd maneuver, and I hate it.

And about the color. It looks black, basically. It looked black all day at work unter the overhead lights, and I was hoping that it would shimmer in the sunlight but…yeah, still black unless you look realllllllllllly closely. I do not like this polish at all, and I will never wear it again. If I wanted a black polish, I have black polishes. And I guess if I want a dark green polish, I’ve got Date Night!

Man I did a rotten messy job painting my nails with this!ww morbid 4

ww morbid 5


2 Responses to “Wet n Wild – Morbid”

  1. Lucy said

    I bought the whole collection. I’ve never used this brand. I hope I don’t have any trouble trying to paint my nails. Looks pretty on you. You didn’t paint that messy. You just have to clean up a bit.

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