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China Glaze – Blue Sparrow

Posted by manicuremania on September 15, 2009

cg blue sparrow

…Weird? Why does China Glaze insist that this is a neon? What’s more, why does it dry matte, as neons do, and yet it’s…not actually neon? I mean, it’s a fairly bright blue, but in no way would I call this neon.

cg blue sparrow 3

It’s got…large shimmer. Almost a glitter. But, the glitter doesn’t sparkle through the polish, it just sort of sits underneath, barely visible, and gives it a slight bumpy texture. No topcoat here:

cg blue sparrow 1

cg blue sparrow 2

Well this was definitely meant to be worn with a topcoat. The glitter sparkles very nicely with a topcoat, but without it just sort of sits under the polish, with no sparkle at all.

cg blue sparrow compare


2 Responses to “China Glaze – Blue Sparrow”

  1. Lucy said

    I haven’t worn this polish yet. I didn’t know it dried matte. Looks nice matte. It’s a pretty color on you. Does look better shiny.

    • manicuremania said

      Thanks, I really like the color of this one too! I don’t understand why it dries matte as if it’s a neon, but I never go anywhere without my Seche, so that’s easily fixed.

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