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Barielle – Slate Of Affairs

Posted by manicuremania on September 14, 2009

My goodness, I am on a roll with the awesome polishes lately!

bar slate

Slate Of Affairs is like…a slate blue with grey tones that shimmers bright blue. I love it.

One thing I’ve noticed about these new Barielles is that some of them are super thick and hard to control. Of course, some others are wonderfully runny (the way I prefer them) and those apply beautifully. Anyway, this was one of the bad ones – it took three coats and I still had a few sort of bald spots.

Barielle’s swatch:

bar slate swatchFairly accurate again!

bar slate 2

bar slate 3

Of course…I just couldn’t leave this beaautiful polish alone. I happened to go shopping today (it’s ok though, Sally’s giftcards totally don’t count) and I picked up…China Glaze Fairy Dust, among other things.

ch fairy dust

I’d never heard of this polish before, and I don’t understand why because it’s gorgeous! It’s very very fine holo glitter in a clear base, and I needed to try it out today!

bar slate 4Left blurry to show the holographic goodness!

bar slate 5

bar slate 6

2 Responses to “Barielle – Slate Of Affairs”

  1. Lucy said

    I love the whole “All Lacquered Up” collection. This is a lovely polish on you. Fairy Dust is a wonderful polish. Looks beautiful over anything.

    • manicuremania said

      Yeah, I’m liking most of the ones I’ve tried so far also. And Fairy Dust really is beautiful, I love how fine the glitter is!

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