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Sally Hansen – Lightening

Posted by manicuremania on September 12, 2009

sh lightening

I was finally able to find a yellow in a drugstore! Now that I’ve discovered the joys of online polish shopping I don’t really need a drugstore yellow anymore, but I was excited, so I bought it anyway. Also the Walgreen’s I went to was oddly wiped out of every brand of polish. 1/4 full displays everywhere, it was weird, so the only things that were left were nudes and pinks, really, and so when my eye fell upon the last bottle of yellow…I snatched it up.

sh lightening brush 1

sh lightening brush 3

sh lightening brush 2

The brush was so weird! Because of the flatness of the extender part of the brush (the part that holds the bristles) it sort of gathers polish, and it slowly dripped down while I was polishing. The bristles are also rounded, and wiiiiiiiiiide. Also, even though the brush and arm are so enormously wide, the mouth of the bottle isn’t any wider, so that was a bit awkward.

It did dry pretty quickly. A little too quickly, for me!

It was really expensive for a drugstore polish – $5.29. AND it’s a small bottle cleverly disguised as a larger bottle – .31 fl oz. Normal bottles are generally .5 fl oz. I feel ripped off.

“One-stroke application, one-stroke coverage?” Um, NO. Perhaps if this wasn’t a yellow, but I needed 3 coats.

I’m still looking for my perfect pale yellow. I want a lemony pastel yellow, and I haven’t found one yet. This one leans more to the “schoolbus” side of yellow.

Here’s the swatch from the Sally Hansen site:

sh lightening swatch

sh lightening 2

sh lightening 3

sh lightening 4


2 Responses to “Sally Hansen – Lightening”

  1. Lucy said

    This shade looks lovely on you. I find these polishes to be very hard to use. The brush I hate and find it difficult to control. Also the bottle neck is ridiculous. It’s hard to get the brush back in the bottle. I do find that the polish does pool on me.

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