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Off the wagon. :(

Posted by manicuremania on September 11, 2009

I broke my no-buy resolution. And oh…I broke it bad. I had been doing so well! I had been to Sally’s just that day, and I resisted the new China Glaze glitters. !!!!! I had been so proud of myself. But even though I sorta feel like I shouldn’t have done it…it is very difficult to feel bad about this (other than the fact that I have nowhere to put them!)

So the Barielle Labor Day sale. This was an amazing deal! Just too good to pass up. Every discount stacked!! That is practically unheard of! PLUS…the healthy Nails pack came free with orders over $85 (BEFORE THE DISCOUNTS).barielle order 2…I got 21 polishes.

I actually had my cart all worked out to spend about $35, and I was OK with that, kind of, but then I realized that I only had to add a few more to get past the $85 mark for the Healthy Nails Pack, and then a few more for the 20% off, and…so I added 10 more polishes.

I was sort of disappointed that Swizzle Stix and Grape Escape were out of stock, but I suppose I can’t complain.

Anyway, here we go!

bar haul 2Lemondrops – sun yellow creme
Expressive – violet
Get Mauve-ing – muted mauve
Devoted -a deep mauve
Glowtini – sheer sunset orange
Joytini – cantaloupe orange
Spicy – melon

bar haul 3Out-Grey-Geous – silver shimmer
U-Concrete-Me – concrete grey
Love – a metallic white
Amuse – metallic baby blue
Slate Of Affairs – worn denim
Falling Star – marine blue w/ gold glitter

bar haul 4Razz Berry – opalescent deep fuschia (this one was missing its label) đŸ˜¦
Pin Up – tomato red shimmer
Suntini – creamy bright orange
Cotton Candy – blush shimmer
Sand-Al Chic – pink/peach sheer

bar haul 1

Sweet Addiction – creme green
Polished Princess – safari green w/ copper shimmer
Date Night – metallic green

bar healthy nailsAnd of course, the Healthy Nails Pack!

These look awesome! I think I got a nice selection of colors and filled some holes in my collection. First impressions, without actually really using any of them: the brushes are tiny. Most of them are shimmers, but they seem…watery. More jellyish, perhaps. I think some of them are going to be pretty sheer. We’ll see how they apply!

This is my first REAL online only polish buy, so I think that as I wear and photograph these, I’ll compare them to the swatch on the Barielle site.

And, as I was selecting my first color to use, I just had to try a few of my favorites out to see how they look:

bar test

Polished Princess, Slate of Affairs (!!!), Pin Up, Glowtini


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