Manicure Mania!

shocked at Target!

Posted by manicuremania on August 30, 2009

I went into a Target yesterday that I rarely go in, and of course I had to wander casually down the nail aisles even though I am on a strict no-buy. They had Essies and O.P.I.s! It’s so awesome to be able to buy higher quality polishes at a drugstore-type place! I could walk in there any time I wanted and purchase a ridge filling base coat instead of driving 45 minutes to Ulta or Sally’s! I simply had  to take an extremely covert camera-phone picture (it’s actually impossible to be stealthy when taking pictures with a cellphone, I looked like a dumbass).


furtive blackberry pic

It was a nice display, too – a pretty small range of colors (pinks and reds and mauves of course, nothing really interesting), but large and impressive all the same.  The whole section was absolutely wiiiiiped out of every brand though. I really want Sally Hansen Honeydew!! 😦

I also went to Ulta yesterday, and bought NOTHING! My boyfriend saw me admiring Banana Bandana and offered to buy it for me, but I resisted: NO-BUY INCLUDES GIFTS.


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