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Zoya – Harley

Posted by manicuremania on August 27, 2009


I was so excited about this batch of four Zoya polishes I just got, but they’re just really disappointing me. This one is a really odd color. Even with Seche, it’s dull and flat and just isn’t interesting. It does appear to have darker gray sparkles, but they’re not shimmery. I don’t NEED shimmer to like a polish but this one is just so dull!! And even kinda ugly IMO.

zoya harley

The big problem with it, though, was again the application. It turned out…lumpy! It took three coats to banish Visible Nail Line, but even the first coat was uneven and chunky.

It’s an unusual color. It catches my eye and I bring my hand close to inspect it, but then I’m disappointed that it’s still just a dull gray creme with no hint of shimmer, no purple or blue undertones. Just stark gray like concrete. Zoya’s site describes it as a “soft shimmering gray,” cool-toned, frosty finish. Eh. I didn’t realize “frosty” meant “dull.”

So I thought I’d try to fancy it up a bit by adding french tips and using some of my Art Deco nail art polishes. Oh and here are the ones I have:

silver glitter, silver, blasck glitter, black, gold glitter, white

silver glitter, silver, black glitter, black, gold glitter, white

I painted on tips using Sally Hansen Gunmetal, a very nice dark grey with blue undertones. It looks exactly like what I picture “gunmetal” to be. Then I added different colored stripes below the tip lines in a variety of colors, just to see how they look because I haven’t tried out the Art Club striping polishes yet:

zoya harley art

They’re pretty much all bad, except for the silver glitter on my index finger. I reallllly like that look, and when I get around to trying my new Orly French kit, I will definitely be adding silver glitter stripes to jazz it up a bit.

zoya harley art 2


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