Manicure Mania!

China Glaze – Ruby Pumps

Posted by manicuremania on August 26, 2009

I broke a nail yesterday :(

I broke a nail yesterday 😦

I love polishes that sparkle! I just cannot stop wiggling my fingers in the light to make them glitter. I wouldn’t call this a *true* glitter, really…it’s not a super-glitter like my Color Club Art of Seduction, but packs a nice amount of sparkly onto my nails just the same. The glitter is sooooo fine that it’s lots and lots of tiny sparkles instead of big lumps like in the AoS. It’s also perfectly smooth – not bumpy at all like most glitter polishes. I swear, if China Glaze would throw this glitter into other colors, I would snap every one of them up. I even love the base – it looks like such a bright, color-dense jelly, and I’d love to see it sans-glitter.

The color’s not really me though. Too bright, too red.



It applied perfectly. This one was a pleasure! It was ALMOST opaque in one coat, amazingly to me. This is two coats.

Oh, one more thing – it was no harder to remove than any normal polish. This was AWESOME!


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