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China Glaze – Fifth Avenue

Posted by manicuremania on August 23, 2009

pretty pretty!

pretty pretty!

Every time I walk into Sally Beauty I make a beeline for the nail polish displays. My eyes flit over the China Glaze display first, and BAM! I focus on Fifth Avenue. This happens like 5 times on every trip I make to that store. My eye is just drawn to this ordinary pink color, past all the bright blues and greens and glitters. I’ve held off on buying it for a long time because I’m trying not to buy colors that are too similar to things I already have, and my collection is full of boring pinks and mauves already. But I broke down finally and now it’s all miiiiine!

Bad Landing, Maked, Lubu Heels, Fifth Avenue, Tree Hugger, Ruby Pumps, ???, For Audrey, Ravishing Dahling

L-R: Bad Landing, Maked, Lubu Heels, Fifth Avenue, Tree Hugger, Ruby Pumps, V, For Audrey, Ravishing Dahling

I lined up all my China Glazes to demonstrate the phenomenon to myself (man, I didn’t know I had so many China Glaze reds and pinks), and yep, though I wouldn’t call it the prettiest of my colors, it is the one I can’t stop looking at. Weird.

Anyway, this is a great polish. It’s darker and more berryish than it looked in the bottle but I still really like it. No application problems at all.



I think this would be a nice work color. Now, I can wear any type of polish or nail art to work with no problems, so maybe what I mean is that this would be more of an…interview color? On other polish blogs, people are always refering to milky nudes as work colors, and that always astounds me – I never considered before that any nail polish could be too crazy for work! But even so, if I had to seperate my collection into “work” and “non-work” colors, I’d just dump all the pinks, mauves, reds, browns, sheers, and nudes into the Work category without even thinking about it – those are, to my mind, classic colors that are completely appropriate for any occasion. Maybe my work is just super super casual I guess.


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