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Nudes! (not that kind)

Posted by manicuremania on August 21, 2009

I’m trying to roll through some of my older polishes. This is really hard, because my old polishes are almost exclusively drugstore nudes and mauves – not at all exciting!! Plus I now have all these beautiful new polishes, so I really can’t be bothered with anything old at all. But. It must be done* because it will irritate me to not follow through and finish this, so here is the first (tiny) batch.

Sally Hansen Ivory Intuition

bottle pic

bottle pic



This is sort of colorless, but very shimmery. I guess it would be a frost or a pearl? I have problems telling the two of them apart. It’s very streaky, it shows brush strokes like CRAZY, it’s gross, and this is two coats.

Maybelline Express Finish unnamed

see the tiny shimmer?

see the tiny shimmer?

I guess the sticker with the color name must have been lost long ago, because there’s nothing identifying on this bottle. This polish is pretty good, really. It’s a very nice nude color with a tiny bit of shimmer, and it’s got a nice square brush – nice enough for me to specifically make a note about it. It dried very quickly as promised on the bottle, and it was opaque in 3 coats.

Maybelline Expresss Finish Iced Mauve



I really don’t have much to say about this one at all. It’s just blah! It’s like…the same color as my skin. It’s lighter than the unnamed Maybelline I posted above, with more shimmer.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Fairy Tale Ivory

crappy cellphone pic

crappy cellphone pic

I remember this being my very favorite polish at one time. I actually own two bottles of this because I was very close to using the first one up – probably the only time that’s ever happened. I don’t exactly know why I liked it so much now though. It’s a reallllly light pinkish white with lots of microglitter. Pretty boring.

* it must be done because I think it would be helpful to have a catalog of my polishes – what I have, how they apply, how many coats, what I liked and didn’t like about them, etc.


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