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Color Club – Sexy Siren

Posted by manicuremania on August 21, 2009

I adore Color Club’s Glitter Vixen collection! The colors are so bright and they are so sparkly! The only one I didn’t get was Magic Attraction (multicolored glitter).

Look at them all lined up so pretty and sparkly and colorful!!


L-R: Object of Envy, Sulty, Art Of Seduction, Sexy Siren, Tru Passion, Sex Symbol

One thing I’ve noticed about them, though, is that the bottle caps are a little odd. I absolutely could not get the cap off of Art Of Seduction at all. I tried using stuff from the kitchen – bottle openers, rubber thingies that are supposed to help you grip tops while opening, etc. Nothing worked. So I had to ask my dad for help, and he also had a lot of trouble instead of making it look effortless like dads tend to do…but it finally came off. Then later, the green one just disintegrated in my hands for no reason – that’s why it’s taped in the picture.

These are completely packed with glitter, but they’re still 3-coaters for me. I’ve only worn three of them so far, the blue, the red, and the silver, and each time I was practically blinded by all the sparkle. They apply with a pretty rough finish, as most glitters do, so I usually top them with two coats of Seche.



cc sexy siren 3

no flash


artificial light

I love, love, LOVE Sexy Siren.


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