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Orly Nail Rescue – Update #2

Posted by manicuremania on August 15, 2009

I was so relieved when the Orly Nail Rescue finally came off of my nails as I removed Color Club Sexy Siren. I’m not sure if it was the soaking in acetone to remove the glitter polish, or if it’s just the light filing I give my bare nails every time I reapply polish, but I’m extremely glad it didn’t damage my nails.

So I reapplied it, may not have done such a great job cause I was in a hotel room and the light wasn’t good and I was paranoid about making a mess, plus the smell was making me dizzy (hotel rooms have awful ventilation). But I’ve noticed that it’s already sort of chipping off this time. The last application didn’t budge at all. No chips, cracks, anything like that, and that could be because I did two applications of it for more strength. It probably lasted longer because of that also.

Love this stuff though! I wish I wcould find something that would make them this strong, a treatment or basecoat, or hell, vitamins, that would do the same thing. I should do some research about how to treat the root of the problem I suppose, so that they’re stronger and I don’t HAVE to treat them for peeling and softness.

Also, I broke a nail, and this seemed to have fixed it up beautifully. Well, maybe not beautifully cause it does make my nails pretty yucky looking until I apply polish, but it worked great!

Bare nail pics:



very scary!

very scary!

I suppose those aren’t *completely* bare nails. Right at the nail line, I still had a very thin layer of Nail Rescue, and I didn’t want to put a ton of filing pressure on my nails right there to get it totally off.


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