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Cover Girl – Best Bronze

Posted by manicuremania on August 13, 2009

Normally when a product advertises that it does multiple things at once, it ends up doing most of them rather crappily. Shampoo plus conditioner, for example. So the idea of Cover Girl’s 3-in-1 Step Nail Color really doesn’t excite me. I have a bunch of the old rectangle shaped bottles of this type of polish, though I guess it was called Nailslicks back then. And speaking of the name, it bugs me. “3-in-1 Step?” That is a description, not a name.

Anyway, I remember Nailslicks as being kind of thick and chippy and it seemed to always have a flat, dull finish. This formula is definitely a huge improvement. I would never have thought that this dark brown polish would provide full coverage in just one coat, but it magically did, and the coverage was just amazing.

Now, of course it’s supposed to do the job of basecoat, color, and topcoat, and of course I didn’t actually use it like that – I used the ridge filling base coat I’ve been wearing lately (Orly Nail Armor) plus a manicure just never seems finished to me without topping it off with Seche Vite.

with flash

with flash

It’s a dark, bronzy brown with a bit of shimmer. I’m not in love with this color, but at least it’s not like anything else in my collection. I picked it tonight because I was in the mood for something sort of dark and vampy, and this was the closest thing I had since I don’t normally wear very dark polishes.

no flash

no flash


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