Manicure Mania!

China Glaze – Bad Landing

Posted by manicuremania on August 10, 2009

even photoshop failed me this time.

even photoshop failed me this time.

It was impossble to get a color-accurate picture of this. I’ll try again tomorrow outside in the sunlight. I usually take my pictures under artificial light, because I normally don’t do my nails until after or close to dark.

This was…such an odd polish. It’s just…it’s almost like a shimmery neon, and it is So. Bright. I actually cannot tell what color it is. The bottle looks like a bright, shimmery red with a hint of orange, but on my nails it doesn’t look red to me. It looks more like a bright, orangy hot pink. It was an odd formula, also – very, very, very thin, it was drying on my nail before I could get an entire nail painted, so I had to start glopping the brush up with polish.

I got it on clearance at Sally’s for $2.99. A pretty good price, but probably not worth buying, since it turns out that I despise it.

For tonight’s polish job I attempted to try Brooke’s method of not getting the skin around my nails all painted. It worked so much better!!!


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