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Sally Hansen Black Diamond

Posted by manicuremania on August 9, 2009


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I picked this tonight because I’ve been realllllly eyeing Orly’s Goth lately. So far I’ve held off on actually buying it because I don’t wear black polish, but it’s really only a matter of time till I start it zooming toward my house in the mail. I also wanted to try out a dark color on my nails tonight. I have so many colors that I’ve never worn and that I pass right over when scanning my collection looking a polish (too ugly, too dark, green, too sparkly, too red, makes me look like a corpse, I hate purple, too sheer, etc) and I’m really trying to branch out and actually wear more different types of polish. I tend to buy lots of different colors, but then I just set them on my shelf and never seriously consider them again.

still nothing to say!

still nothing to say!

This is really a pretty great black sparkly polish. The glitter is so fine that it’s almost a shimmer, so it prevents me from feeling completely emo. Actually, my nail length doesn’t scream “emo” to me…OK, it prevents me from feeling like Elvira. It was very difficult to photograph, though – I couldn’t quite capture the shimmer. It looks silverish in some lights!

On another note, I have got to figure out how to clean up around my nails a little better. I took my new “Nail Polish Corrector Pen” to it, but it just doesn’t work very well – I think the polish smears are coming off just by pressure, not from any actual acetone contact! However, my fingers are clean now. Holding them 3 inches from my face, I see no smudges, the skin looks perfect!


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