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Review: Orly Nail Rescue

Posted by manicuremania on August 8, 2009

Product: Orly Nail Rescue
Price: $5.99

nail rescue

Manufacturer Says:

Orly’s Nail Rescue kit provides quick and easy nail repair of cracked or broken nails in 3 easy steps. Nails are flawlessly repaired with long-lasting results.

nail rescue2

the contents of the box

Details: Brush the nail glue over your entire nail and then immediately dip your nail into the pot of powder. The glue dries pretty quickly, so they really do mean “immediately.” Then buff off the excess and smooth it out.

My thoughts: Well, the powder gets everywhere, but I suppose that’s to be expected with this type of product. I also found that the glue/powder mixture pooled really thickly at the ends of my nails. I was hoping that this kit would enable me to do less filing and smoothing of the nail after applying, but no such luck – I should have smoothed them much, much more.

The instruction say that for extra strength, apply the glue and powder a second time. Hey, extra strength sounds awesome, I totally need that! That was a mistake because it ended up being super super thick. They also recommend finishing with Orly Ridgefiller to smooth it even more, so I used two coats of Orly Nail Armor, which supposedly contains ridgefiller. By the end I had 2 millimeters or so of stuff on my nails – way too thick. Even after adding the Armor, my nails were extremely…bubbly and gritty, but polish applied smoothly over it and I couldn’t even notice the Nail Rescue – except for the pooling at the ends of my nails.

My nails definitely feel strong though. I think next time I’ll use one coat of the Nail Rescue system and file it down like crazy and see how that goes. I’m not sure how long this will stay on though. …Will it even come off with acetone? It seems like I’d have to use a chisel and a power washer to remove it, and that would be terrible for my already damaged nails. Also, won’t I have to fill in the bottoms as my nails grow? I’m suddenly thinking this may have been a bad idea.

bumpy, bubbly, gritty, etc

bumpy, bubbly, gritty, etc


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