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Review: Orly Nail Armor

Posted by manicuremania on August 8, 2009

I have extremely weak and thin nails that peel like crazy, so I’m always looking out for something to help with that. Lately I’ve been doing silk wraps on the tips, but it took so long to get them on and then get them smooth enough, and I found that they did not last even close to two weeks, as I’ve heard other people claim. So yesterday I picked up Orly Nail Armor and Orly Nail Rescue (for a future review).

Product: Orly Nail Armor
Price: $5.99

nail armor

the packaging

Manufacturer Says:

Nail Armor liquid nail wrap with Ridgefiller strengthens and reinforces nails with real silk fibers.

Details: Apply two coats and use as a basecoat.

My thoughts: Once applied, I could see the fibers on my nail, but it applied with a pretty smooth finish. It left little fibers sort of hanging off the ends of my nails that I had to file off. So far I don’t see much difference between this and any other random basecoat though. My nails might feel a tiny bit stronger…maybe. I’ll update soon with my final verdict.

2 coats on bare nails

2 coats on bare nails


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